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A child drowns – Searching for a total action

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So a refugee child drowned, among thousand others, the photo of his dead body became viral and people get shocked. Shock brings about several reactions. We get emotional, we feel disappointed, we cry, we get angry, condemn society, humanity, blame politicians, or we rush to help refugees, motivated by remorse. We also imagine our beloved ones were in the position of this boy and from this uncomfortable image we react. Or we accept this insanity as inevitable, we justify it, saying there is nothing we can do. Or we become irrationaly cruel and say “they should fight for their nation, why do they leave?”. Or we feel depressed and say “i don’t have the energy to do anything”. Or we get trapped in thoughts and try to pre-measure whether our support would fix the whole problem, or if it would make any radical difference – the answer is never positive so again action ceases. Or we have this guilty feeling that we have to do something and we try to find the easiest thing to do, in order to relieve guilt, so we just share the photo of the drown child online. That’s the reaction to this shock. Isn’t it?

So most of us don’t do anything and if we do something, this is very limited.. let’s say we help refugees not because we see the urgency of supporting them, but because we made this unpleasant thought “if my child was in the position of this poor boy”? We bring them water to drink and the very next moment we sink to our best interest, our beliefs, our cozy ideologies which are actually the core of the whole conflict. This will obviously not lead anywhere.

It seems like such reactions are all born of thought.. all such reactions involve analysis , explanation, measurement, justification, condemnation, comparison, remorse, idealization which are actually variations of thought even if they pretend to be actual compassion, actual love. Now we need to seriously ask ourselves if such reactions are Total Action, an action that won’t perpetuate this insanity, an action that won’t breed division and conflict (inner and outer), an action that is neither followed by doubt, nor by regret. Or if all these are just reactions that makes things even worse. To ask ourselves with no ambition, with no fear, with no judgement, with no hope, with no preconceived ideas, with no fake emotionalism seems really crucial. Because this is our life, our life is not a fragmented part that has no connection with the life of a poor refugee. Sorrow in Middle East is not independent of the sorrow in our house.

So we do ask ourselves this question: is there a movement of thought that can bring about an authentic Action? To answer this we need to be aware of the nature of thought. Are we? Do we see that thought, in the psychological field, is necessarily a divisive factor deriving from the Self, the Ego? Do we see that thought is a movement that compares, measures, tries to find solutions according to our best interest (even the moment that it identifies itself with something higher)? This is not a belief of the writer about thought, this is a fact. Don’t accept or deny what is written here, just find on your own. Ask whether thought can ever be a unifying force, or if by nature it will bring division and conflict..

.. so there is a strong shock. This shock seems able to penetrate deep and awake our numb sensitivity.. then inevitably comes irritation, pain. What is next? Thought, as always, tries to deal with the issue.. and reaction (in the forms we mentioned above) takes place. Once and if we are attentive enough to see that thought will never stop war, pain, death and sorrow, we deny each such reaction, we are not interested in them. So the brain is no more involved in trying to solve the problem. Once thought ceases its the moment that awaken senses and intelligence (what does the writer mean by “intelligence“?), free from thought, ACT instantly. And this Action (whatever it is, please, you need to find on your own, the writer can’t tell you which is this action) is whole, holy, total. This action is not divisive, it doesn’t bring  conflict, it doesn’t involve regret. This action is actually Love, Compassion, Joy, it’s essentialy Life.





Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. hai friend
    have read this diarie with full attention….the only thing i can say is “IT’S THIS”….
    with love and joy…jos
    ps: sometimes i listen to music-clips here on your site…do you have clips from your band George?

  2. Hello friend

    The issue with the refugees is huge here in Chios, they suffer too much.. yesterday we had a music jamming in order to gather money for them. We were playing for 5 hrs, it was such a meditative experience!

    we don’t record our live performances but sometimes people from the audience record our jams.. here you can find one -> http://www.meditativediaries.com/meditative-music/

    Enjoy the moments Jos :)

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