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About Numbers

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Ever wondered what is the role of numbers in our life? Is numbers something that is used rationally, in a practical way, to help in communication or solving practical issues?? Or is it something that plays a completely different role? I never asked myself about numbers until very recently when i surprisnlgy found that numbers is among the factors that are torturing us, that are enslaving us. I would like to notice i am not examining the practical value of numbers here. Its really helpful to ask 1 kg of bread, or to put 250 grams of cheese in your spaggethi. I am investigating the psychological influence of numbers.

About Numbers

So What are numbers? Aren’t they measurement? Aren’t they comparison? Aren’t they Time? Obviously they are (without the past, the memory, the measurement, numbers wouldn’t exist). And while they are a manifestation of Time aren’t they inevitably a source of division, of psychological troubles? I’ve been working out 3 times per week and this seems to keep my body fit. I register this fact and from this fact i create a psychological problem. I need to work out at least 3 times next week and in a matter of a few weeks i should increase this number to 4, so as to achieve an improvement. No matter if i am not in the mood to work out, no matter if i am tired, i need to work out at least 3 times.

Numbers don’t seem to be that innocent, harmless. I need to have sex at least twice per week with my partner, or something is wrong with my relationship. I have to eat fish once per week and i should consume salad everyday. And in order for an even better health i am thinking i should add in my daily schedule a cup of lemon/warm water. When having push ups, i shouldn’t  do less than 55 repetitions, no matter what i feel. I have to be at least in the Top 5 of the next Tennis tournament or it will be a failure. I will do the favor of my girlfriend two or three successive times but after that i will demand that she does what i want or its unfair, she is exploiting me. My salary is 800e and i have to save at least 220e every month while this will make me feel safe. I am a millionaire and i have saved 2 millions in the banks, which are enough in order to cease working but what happens if a malevolent cancer hits me? I’ve heard that the cost for a surgery is more than a million, so i need to keep working hard in order to make sure i will be able to face such case. My girlfriend is making 1500e while am at 1200e and this is so humilating for me. I need to try harder.

Numbers are (psychologically speaking) Division. Its a goal i should achieve, or a goal i’ve achieved and i should maintain a movement from what is to what should be. All these imply division, an inner struggle to achieve or to maintain. Is there awareness of this division, which is essentially a brutal slavery?



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