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… and then came the words

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There is an object! This object is completely unknown. To see this unknown, alive, new object doesn’t require any identification, any intellectual movement, any word to be told or thought… There is also a feeling. This feeling is completely unknown. To sense/see this unknown, alive, new feeling doesn’t require the intellect to work.. yet the intellect doesn’t remain still.

And then come the words. The intellect craves for identification. It craves to turn the unknown to something known, familiar, safe. To do this, thoughts and words are necessary. So the intellect uses words to tag the object as “Tree” and the feeling as “fear” which are known, familiar, safe.

How thoughts influence the perception of the tree and the fear? If words/thoughts rise, this new object is transformed to another boring tree, nothing special, nothing exciting. If words/thoughts appear this unknown feeling is transformed to the very familiar emotion of fear, a negative emotion, something we should eradicate, something that shouldn’t exist.

It seems that the complete absence of thought, of words, makes possible a holistic perception of a tree or the fear, a perception that is free from the limits of illusion, time, experience and our conditioning. Without thought the tree is not another brown trunk with green leaves above it.. every tree is something unique, new, alive, exciting, of immense beauty. Without thought fear is not a negative emotion that has to be fought, fear is something unique, fresh, new. This perception of fear, makes fear dissolve.. its just a sense, that isn’t followed by thoughts like “now i have to do something about fear, to control, to explain, to justify”.. i see fear, as it is, something new, unknown and i am done with fear that very moment, there is not a problem at all.

Its the words, the thoughts, the intellect (which are all Time, Memory, Experience) that are distorting our perception, that create imaginary problems. Outside the field of thought there is no problem at all.. And it seems that either words are used to communicate, or else they are necessarily a distorting, conditioning factor that creates illusions. Yet you need to find on your own, if you wish whether what is communicated here is right, sane.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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