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What Lies behind our Urge for Rules?

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So the day before yesterday i had a dialogue about the necessity of regulations and much discussion took place which i think brought us deeper. These discussions made it a bit clear that most people think that at least a minimum of regulations is necessary or chaos would happen. Next question is why do we think this is necessary? What is the root of this urge for some rules?

Being in a state of absence of love, living in a dangerous society (these are facts), we feel unsafe, insecure, completely not satisfied. So there is fear. But what is the nature of this fear? Isn’t this fear essentially the past, the known? Past experiences, past tragedies, past crimes? Ι’ve heard that two black men robbed another, that a sexual pervert raped a woman. I’ve learnt that nuclear bombs are created everywhere on earth. ISIS is going to enter Europe in order to kill people. All these are the past, the known. So i demand laws, regulations, restrictions.. I demand that someone that rapes a woman to be jailed for 30 years, because hopefully this will make a possible rapist to think it twice. I  feel its urgent that robbery should be punished as a heavy crime. I demand that refugees are forbidden from entering my country because probably a few ISIS members will enter with them.  My demand for some laws/rules/regulations is an intellectual escape from the fears i suffer from.. its an escape in order to feel a bit more safe. The thing is this safety won’t ever come, because even if this law may make someone to think it twice it won’t reassure that i am safe (look how many crimes happen in a society with sooo many laws). You need to see this, that this is not the writer’s opinion, this is a fact.

And its not only about society.. Being innerly, in a state of insecurity i demand psychological rules. I demand that my partner is faithful, i demand that my friends will be there for me once in a hard situation, that my parents won’t judge me. It seems like neurotic expectations is another form of rule, an unofficial restriction and exactly like rules in society it implies some kind of punishment when not fullfilled. And again what breeds these expectations? Isn’t it fear of loneliness, isn’t it the fear of not being attached anywhere?

Now what happens if i am in a state of love? Can fear be when i am loving? Obviously not, love is when fears cease alltogether. Such state is compassion, sensitivity. There is a deep interest to not hurt, harm or be unfair with anybody. I am not interested in judging, patronizing, manipulating or attacking anybody. In a mood of Love there is absolute Order, there is no space left for chaos confusion, crime, . Love is an inner Rule, an absolute Rule, an inner austerity/discipline that comes from the core of our being.. so i need no external rules to treat people sensitively, compassionately. And really being in a mood of love there is this sense of absolute safety because past plays no role, because all these terrifying things that happened can’t affect me, so absolute fear, absolute sense of security, so no need for rules at all.

Many will say that a statement such as “we need no rules at all” is an extreme statement.. many would say “my opinion is that some rules in specific fields are necessary, how can you say that we need no rules at all” and they will be satisfied with that petty little opinion. It seems there is a complete lack of interest to find what is, to see facts as they are,  to find something deeper than our limited opinions that are conditioned from fear, from education, ideas and stereotypes. If we don’t ask ourselves with huge passion, with all our heart and mind this simple question “do we need rules”, we won’t ever find anything more true than mere opinions!



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


    • Love is the greatest power of everything.
      It let you wake up in the morning, it let you smile alone, it gives you that inner peace and confidence.
      When you have all these elements, you won’t be afraid of anything George. Believe me.Just enjoy every moment of love, it is magical.

  1. Rules on physical level are needed, until there is confusion and we have a lot of that stuff – confusion. Call it as you wish confusion, stupidity, but without regulation stupid people create many damage.

    • i would say that a code for how the cars will move when driving is a practical rule.. but does a rule like “if you rob another you will be punished”, makes sense? please share what comes in mind

    • Of course they make sense. As I already said, there is degrees of madness. People like to harm another people, so rules needed physically protect people from another people. Inner moral laws as ‘don’t kill”, “don’t rub” etc., don’t working in our society, they needed to be written and forced.

  2. We are all stupid, and unless one self realized madness is what is. Rules is what defines humanity as it is today, rules have not brought order, they are the manifestation of disorder and illusion.

    • We can gather together to achieve a physical project, this makes sense.. we can also set some practical rules like rules for traffic, in order to make things happen smoothly, so to answer your question a State that functions under such rules seems ok. Rules and regulations over this point seem destructive, don’t they? Please find on your own.

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