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Awareness and the saving of energy

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Manolis Kritikos wrote:

October 23 at 5:23pm

Awareness is the way of the less to none effort. If one is finding difficulties on being aware one has not understood yet what is awareness. Awareness doesn’t need energy. Out of awareness energy is gathered. Energy is dissipated out of inattention. One prefers inattention rather than being attentive. Being aware of the doing , we are in the not doing, completely not identified, then there is not dissipation of energy whatever we are doing. ….

October 23 at 6:23pm

The becoming is going on because we are hoping to gain something out of it Knowing that all the directed thinking is towards becoming , shall we we keep on being identified with thoughts? The wanting to stop thinking is also becoming, shall we be identified with the movements of desire to end thinking, suppressing it , to avoid becoming for becoming?

October 22 at 9:58pm

One that is watching and the watching is not out of complete attention, one is reacting , so observation is not pure, the hidden parts of consciousness are reacting because one is fragmented. Greatest part of fragments is unconscious. These unconscious fragments have to be provoked to come to the surface. The free reaction of the past, not finding any conscious obstacle , as like and dislike , is releasing the hidden. If one is reacting emotionally to the reactions, one has the opportunity come in direct contact with the restriction, in complete attention, and end it, by lightening it, not trying to escape from it, break the false images of the self.



Manolis Kritikos

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