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The art of Breathing and the Not Doing

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12.09 at 1:44pm

As you are thinking constantly, leave the thinking be evolved without consciously touching it, the thinking be in a semi conscious level, and extend the breathing out, two seconds more than breathing in, keeping your teeth slightly united. The breathing is made through the nose. You are giving absolutely no care to thoughts, there is no need be among them , trying to distinguish, to end thinking. You are passive, neutral towards thinking. The only care is the extending breathing and also for this there is needed no focusing, attempt. Mostly the breathing to be made mechanically, not to move it intentionally, give the direction , express the intention, and rest…..This can made also while you are moving, working mechanically, watching, when total attention is not needed.The breathing in , is made passively, without interference.

12.09 at 12:48am

Not doing is not an effort. If there is an effort there is not real not doing. The not doing is supported by the not knowing . The not knowing is, not moving intentionally. As one is not moving there is not focused awareness. In this awareness there are free thoughts that are happening without be strictly connected to them , as giving them intentionally direction. We are maintaining them, as they have rush to come, mostly on their own. Total non involvement consciously and unconsciously , is happening only if we are absolutely not touching thoughts, intentionally. ….There is awareness , totally out of the happenings, in stillness, not moved, as a mirror that is reflecting everything that is moved, and is perceived through senses. This awareness is happening only when the energy of attention is present, otherwise we can’t step by and watch, completely out of thinking. Then thoughts are precipitating , in the core of the being so that as fragments of the psych are ceasing to exist. Then, we are coming to a point that there is absolutely no rush for the thought to come . Without the energy of attention, one is possible not to be bothered as one is thinking and simultaneously observing rather than having any interest about the content of any thought. Also , by totally feeling the importance of being psychologically completely out of thinking, we may not be able not to think and step by ,( there is not energy of attention), but there is no contradiction as thoughts are moving freely, riding on them, as they stop , we are not moved intentionally, we are moving only by really autonomous fragments of the psych, we are resting , and by resting there is awareness, knowing. Wanting to know we are not resting, by resting , we are knowing. ….

19.09 at 01.05pm

Best pranayama is , not touching breathing , as you are not touching thoughts, so , without be foccused on anything, there is awareness of the breathing. And extending the breathing out, initially, whatever you are doing. ( it is made mechanically. …., means that we are able to work, walk ,when total attention is not needed. part of attention ,as intention, is on the extention of the breathing) The breathing in ,is made passively, as the space in chest is augmented by the breathing out creating negative pressure. … All the escaping , forgetting the phisical presence ( breathing etc), through thinking is effecting breathing , making it shorter in the breathing out…..Also extending the breathing out effortlessly, with the mouth closed, as the air is entering, being conscious of the air as it is entering, more prana ( energy in the air) , is cuptured. Prana, as it is probably related with consciousness, is clinging to the presence, consciousness, making it stronger, so thoughts are remaining out of being sentimental, easily. … I suppose. …



Manolis Kritikos

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