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The Death Dream

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Happened yesterday night. It was so much alive and intense. I was sitting next to a bed with a woman called Maria (Maria is the name of my mother – I don’t know if there is any connection). She was wearing a white dress and she was looking exhausted. This woman was going to die pretty soon. My bro was her lover and we were expecting him to come as soon as possible to be able to bid her farewell. He was some kind of prince, and the image of him riding his horse was appearing every now and then during the dream. A white light suddenly appeared around here body and head and this light was gradually expanding. Suddenly the door opened and my bro entered the room and rushed to her. He grabbed her hands and then I had a strong urge to grab their hands also.. i felt that this wasn’t appropriate (I should give them a few moments) but i wasn’t able to resist my urge and joined them. It was such an emotional situation.

Then i focused on her face expressions.. a sequence of pure joy and question covered her face.. she was happy for a moment and the very next moment she was wondering what was going to happen.. all my senses were stretched, the white light flooded the room, joy and question were followed by an expression of peace… she said “goodbye”, my bro left her and i was screaming “this won’t be a permanent goodbye, for sure, a piece of you will remain, won’t it”? A smile (that i still can’t say if it was bitter or happy) appeared on her face and she said “not a thing at all, nothing will be left, I see it clearly now”. And she was happy and she was smiling. And she left us.

During the last moments i could clearly realize my breath was so quick, I was so anxious.. and then I stopped it, wasn’t willing to continue this dream.. and an awe appeared, that still exists.




Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. Feeling your Spirit…

    Where in Greece are you? I have lived in Corfu for over 20 years where i am visiting now. If you happened tp be close we could meet…Read your wonderful post on k-net on ‘to live is to die’ and fo─║lowed the links here. Love, mina

    • Hello Mina and thank you for your message! I live in Chios, an island in Eastern Aegean, but the funny thing is i am now at Grevena for vacation.. we were planning to visit Corfu, but this was unfortunately cancelled.. i’ve never been in Corfu before, i think it’s a great place to be.

      Thanks for your interest, and please participate, by means of questions, comments, answers, sharing insights..

      Enjoy the moments

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