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Decrypting Meditation Vol. Dissolving Desire

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So life is like a flowing river. Things are never static, permanent. The most important feature of life is that its an everlastingly changing movement, so no chances of staticness. This is not an idea of the writer about life, this is a fact. Do we all see that? Do we see that every moment is new, unique, fresh, alive? If we see the truth of the previous statement it seems like Life is actually/essentially Unknown!

Having said that, we need to be quite careful once we read descriptions of the experiencing of actual awareness, of actual meditation*. Someone says, meditation is connected to a marvelous, beautiful sense of silence, of actual stillness.. someone says, when meditating you can feel all senses at the same, single moment, like getting in a room and being aware of its whole content immediately. Other would say meditation is when all thoughts cease, when we experience this thing called “peace of mind”, or when we experience a truly religious feeling.

So we hear such descriptions that imply great beauty and mystery and a desire to touch the described is born.. thus we create our own expectations that are supposed to be fulfilled by means of meditation. So while meditation takes place such desires unintentionally rise. I observe a tree or a thought and then desire appears and says “now i must achieve complete silence” or “i should instantly and effortlessly feel at the same moment the aroma of the flowers of the tree along with the shape of the tree, the birds that are sitting in its branches”. So desire (which is actually another thought) distracts the energy of attention which has not ambition, is choiceless and transforms it to a movement of intentional focusing.  Which is not awareness anymore!

The thing is all these descriptions of how meditation looks like are completely false.. so desire is false! While life is Unknown, how can the observation of it (awareness) be known? While life is always anew, observation of life is necessarily also always anew! So it can’t be reduced in any preconstructed description which is old, is based on words, on the past, on what another felt in the past.

Now having seen the truth of that, having seen the falseness of desires rather deeply than intellectually we abandon all such desires! The seeing of the truth of this statement seems to plant a seed in the deep which suddenly, surprisingly, acts.

Now how does it act? It seems again by firing the energy of awareness, which observes and finally dissolves the desire follows awareness, the moment it appears. It sounds a bit complicated because once desire is active, awareness seems to be not possible, but awareness is necessary to dissolve such desire.. so only an effortless, unintentional awareness that suddenly appears from the depth is able to dissolve desire and continue by observing “the rest” of what is!

Again it should be noticed that the writer is not any kind of authority, probably he is a silly person.. so a serious person should ask oneself this question, about the falseness of the desire and find on one’s own!

* For the sake of simplicity the words meditation and awareness will be consider as the same thing



Jorge Kapa

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