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Decrypting Meditation Vol. No entity to be aware

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So first we found meditation is a passive non verbal movement, then it became clear meditation has nothing to do with methods. And then came this statement from Max:

max greene wrote:
The problem is that there is no entity able to do these things. There is no entity with awareness, there is simply awareness itself. Once there is an “I” or a “we” who wants “to be totally free,” the game is up. Freedom is in the awareness itself, and under no other condition.

Don’t know why these words appeared to be so true. But once we see their truth, many other things become evident. Once there is no “I am aware”, there is not “someone” like Me or You to be Aware, there is not such thing as a conscious movement, a conscious effort, a choice of the physical individual to be aware. Any conscious effort, any choice comes from this egotistic center (the Ego, the Me) which is limited so it can’t bring total, actual awareness (it seems obvious that something partial can’t lead to total/absolute perception). Such effort, such choice, is essentially another desire, another goal to achieve, another thought,  like the thoughts we are supposed to be aware of.  In other words thought (such as “I need to be aware of my thoughts”) can’t be actually aware of other thoughts, it’s just one extra link in the chain of thoughts. Awareness is something completely different.

Now having seen the truth of that, not intellectually, not verbally (we’ve seen words are necessary dualistic right here) we abandon any conscious effort to be aware.. we don’t even say “now be attentive, be aware”, we are not interested in something like that. So what happens then.. i am not interested anymore in trying to be aware. Desire ceases and then something extraordinary happens: actual awareness, a movement independent of the Me, arises. On its light the vanity of thought, of the Self, of the Ego, is revealed and the Self dissolves, dissappears. It seems Awareness was always there, a timeless energy, always present and thinking/desire/ambition was fighting hard to suppress it. Once all these cease naturally – there is not the slightest sense of suppresion-, then awareness is. We could say this absolute awareness is a perfect psychological death (when all thoughts die the moment they rise) which is life (to live is to die, every single day). This awareness is freedom, which is love, which is compassion, which is eternal joy. That is the art of meditation!

PS: There is nothing to prove here. We can’t prove anything and there is no need at all to prove anything. This would reduce this insight to a superficial verbalistic arguement. The depth must listen!



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. hai friend,

    very interesting diarie….above i have clicked on the word “here” and read all the things about “words” ,memory etc.
    weeks ago i read your diarie about “decrypting meditation/passive awareness…and i saw the next sentence: i was able to think and be aware of my “thinking non verbally”……….in my opinion is thought/thinking turn over in words…we use words , verbally, intelectually… “thinking non verbally” is duality/dualistic , is this correct friend? i like in this case to say …”be aware of my perceiving/observing non verbally …..”
    for me it’s not a question from agree or not-agree …i like a little dialogue…
    look to your next diaries….
    with love and joy…………….

  2. Hello Jos

    Just found you also play tennis (i am a fan also :) )

    As per your question, i stated “to be aware of thinking, non verbally”, i think i understand why this sentence brings about questions.. what i meant was: “to be non verbally aware of thinking”. Obviously thinking is basically verbal, it looks like non verbal thinking doesn’t exist.

    I am fixing it, to avoid further misunderstanding.

  3. hai George,

    very clear what you say now….’ to be non verbally aware of thinkung’………………
    thanks friend…
    not only “play tennis” ….for more then 30y. i am a Squash-Tennis Coach….Squash is my favorite sport , to play and to coach….after a nice match George , there no “verbal thinking” but rather a shortage of oxygen….nice week….enjoy friend……………………………..

    • I would agree, no verbal thinking at all, just luck of oxygen is what happens.. the actual beauty of this sport was revealed after i abandoned playing competitive tennis!

      Enjoy the moments

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