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Decrypting Meditation Vol. Starting from the unimportants we may tackle the importants

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The occasion for this diary was a previous diary regarding my first contact with the field of non verbal along with a conversation with my beloved friend Antonis about observation.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation.. I just woke up.. i comfortably sit in my couch and drink a hot cup of coffee.. then the first conscious thought of the day appears.. “how beautiful it would be if i were in Berlin, instead of my home at Chios”. If this thought isn’t observed the very moment of its appearance, then it may lead to new thoughts  like “So is it possible to go to Berlin pretty soon?” and then “Oh my God its so expensive to go there by plane” and “If i go, i have to stay at least 7 days” and “probably its too much to leave Vaso alone for 7 days” and “come on.. i need to go to Berlin” and “it feels really annoying to not fulfill my desires because of Vaso”.. i think it becomes pretty obvious how a simple, superficially unimportant thought may lead to chaos.. all these thoughts don’t imply something fundamentally true, its only the tricks of the self, i think we don’t need to get at it any further. Its also possible that the initial thought won’t lead to such an exhausting sequence of thoughts..

.. the thing is its quite easy to observe a thought like “how beautiful it would be if i were in Berlin instead of my home in Chios”. Its very easy because we’ve invested almost zero energy to this trivial, non repetitive thought. While its quite tough, almost impossible, to destroy the illusion that has to do with the thought “it feels really annoying to not fulfill my desires because of Vaso”.. this is a rather strong belief, that appears pretty often.. now look what happens once i am attentive enough to observe this initial thought.. it requires minimum energy to be passively, choicelessly, non aware of such thought.. being aware of this thought, the thought reveals its triviality. At the same moment our energy is given to attention rather than to the continuation of the sequence of thoughts, so awareness drains the energy of the initial thought, the thought dissolves and the possible sequence of thoughts that may lead to a chaotic breaks from the very first link.. isn’t it clear how much energy this saves? And if we are a bit attentive we will soon find that such trivial thoughts are appearing hundreds of times everyday. To be able to “catch” these rather painless thoughts even if they are not followed by a destructive sequence again saves tones of energy.

Isn’t it possible that this saving of energy may give us the strength to deal with, to face our strongest neuroses? We need to experiment with ourselves and see what happens.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. In using personal pronouns it’s important recognize where you are placing ‘your’ identity. “Who are you?”

    Thinking cannot reach into Silent Awareness.
    … Actually, Natural Spontaneity is ‘Alone Sufficient’.

  2. just a reaction my Friends…when we put aside all the 1000words and all the comments and we go to source “Universe” and we suggest that this Universe is a big vase, in that are billions living organism,they all breathe the same air,they all enjoy from the water in that vase, they all enjoy from the energy and the warmth from the Sun..but the Human with his “I” /the “self ” is not content with this situation..he takes a seat in a single vase with the inscription “I know” ! the water in the “ocean of Universe” cleaning itself every moment….but the water in the little vase is stand still water,polluted etc. so there is constant division,separation. only the flower and the singing blackbird feels happy in the big vase…they say to eachother …IT IS ONLY THIS !

  3. Soul is the essence, what we are. Essence is becoming conscious of its existence and becoming conscious, the soul, is making roots in awareness, the intelligent knowing without boundaries. Before making roots in the energy of awareness, soul , Ego, entering in the unknown , in awareness, there is only awareness and absence of consciousness, of knowing the awareness as an outsider. So, as soul , consciousness, is entering in the awareness, the unknown, the unknown is out and consciousness is in, means one is out of the vast energy. The energy of soul is limited as soul is clinging to the known. Staying still, the soul is making roots in the awareness, in the spirit, as soul is not loosing it’s self in the constant escaping, be identified with the known experiences , as a constant want wanting something. As the soul is ceasing to escape, be identified with the known, (fearing the unknown), soul is expanding assuming the character of the unlimited, awareness, being one and yet separate with awareness , means the unknown is becoming known without being an obstacle, a separate observer . Probably it is the personal unknown , as spirit.

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