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Decrypting Meditation Vol. The art of Negative Approach

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There is knowledge like “focus on an object for 5′ every day, in order to achieve meditation”. And there is another kind of knowledge which says “no conscious, active effort will ever connect you with what is”. First is accumulative, active knowledge, while the second is negative, passive, a negative approach which doesn’t show you what to do but makes clear what you shouldn’t do.

I desire pure meditation. Being in a state of desire, i try to apply this first kind of knowledge. Once i realize that i put myself in such an effort, it comes this second, negative knowledge and says “stop, what you are doing here is nonsensical, pointless”. And then i stay still, passive, effortless. Then meditation takes place. How this “negative knowledge” acts? It isn’t very clear but it seems like it arises from the depth on its own, it’s not coming after a conscious process, a conscious effort or invitation.

It’s like it is 08.15 but you think it’s 7.15 and you are running to catch a train that leaves at 7.30.. Suddenly you check your clock and see that it is actually 8.20. You know that further running is vain. Then you necessary stop. It’s quite evitable to stop struggling, trying that very moment. And once you stop there is no conflict anymore, no struggle, no stress, no agony, no expectation to catch the train. There is no division anymore and once there is no division you are in a state of meditation.



Jorge Kapa

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