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Dialogue: Can we lead a totally non violent life?

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The writer has referred to violence in previous diaries but unexpectedly today there was a dialogue which revealed effortlessly, naturally a few interesting aspects of violence. The conversation started with Gordon asking a question..

  • Gordon Isn’t poverty the result (a consequence) of human violence?
  • George And isn’t violence the result of division?
  • Gordon Yes sir. My division. So I take your land, or your oil, or your bananas, and then wish you a merry Christmas, peace to you? How does that work?
  • George You do this and i don’t react, its possible to be non violent at all. I may say “what will you do with all these bananas?? You can eat only 1/10 of them! There is no reason to take all of them” but i wouldn’t expect that you will see the reason of this statement. So you may take all the bananas but i will try to find something else to eat. With no psychological scar of your violence on me.. which is not submission at all!
  • Gordon Of course. But I am still violent. And I say peace on earth.
  • George I can’t make you non violent i can only communicate non violence. the moment i defend, resist, fight back against your violence i am essentially violent
  • Gordon Yes sir. I have to see this myself.
  • George If there is a gap of no reaction, i break the chain of violence. So i don’t turn the violence back to you.. now what you will do after this shock of non violence on my side, is another matter
  • Gordon You are acting from somewhere else.
  • George Exactly, i am acting from somewhere else.. its what K was naming as “intelligence”. In this case the not-reacting is actual action. To see is to act
  • George Unfortunately most of the people in this point would say “oh come on this is why humanity is going to destruction.. its because we don’t fight back, it’s because we accept violence and don’t react”.. its very hard to see that what is communicated here has nothing to do with submission.. i face huge resistance in that point every day
  • Gordon And that changes our relationship. Transforms it, right?
  • George It’s not guaranteed.. i just break the chain of violence with neither hope to transform our relationship nor fear that i won’t succeed to transform our relationship. i just break it because i see its completely non practical, non sensical to fight back, to react.
  • Gordon No, Jorge, the relationship is changed. I may still be violent. You are not. The relationship is changed.
  • George Agreed!
  • Gordon The fact is that there is escalating violence in the world because everyone is fighting back. That is a fact. Show me someone or a society that does not fight back?
  • George Conditioned minds fight back. Now if you are aware you may see reaction while it is rising and then reaction loses its energy.. so again the chain breaks
  • Gordon Yes the conditioned mind fights back.
  • George But awareness is possible to stop reaction before this reaction appears at all, so its essential breaking the chain of violence.
  • Gordon Yes sir



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


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