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Dialogue: How does Awareness awake?

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After discussing with dozens the matter of being constantly in a hurry, being constantly in a state of mind chattering a new, really interesting (i think) dialogue happened regarding the emerging of awareness.. so we delved along with Greg on how awareness takes place..

  • Greg: One kind of absorption is in the object so there is no freedom to observe what is occurring inwardly. The other is withdrawal inwardly so there is no sensitivity to what is occurring outwardly.
  • Jorge: Can we just be aware? no identificaion, no absorption?
  • Greg: Such an awareness has to emerge so it can operate as a choiceless attention.
  • Jorge: Causeless choiceless
  • Greg: Yes but if that is not present then what?
  • Jorge: Its strange.. nothing else can be done.. but once it happens negation of identification/absorption takes place
  • Greg: Do you agree with K that the other comes into being when there is room for it? Where there is order there is space for the new to emerge
  • Jorge: Order also happens choicelessly, causelessly through awareness
  • Greg: So then the question is can you stay with what is and not get absorbed or caught in thought patterns, whether inward or outward?
  • Jorge: What you mention (to stay wuth what is) is a description of “awareness”, i think.. I am not sure what is the right expression in english but it looks like a circle.. somehow awareness emerges.. and this brings order and this induces more awareness.. does it make sense??
  • Greg: There has to be at least some freedom to observe or light present.
  • Jorge: You say this exists inside no matter how conditioned we areee??
  • Greg: It does not exist as attention in day to day life if you’re caught in identifications.
  • Jorge: But somehow it emerges, though identification is a fact
  • Greg: It emerges when the conditioned mind is very quiet. It emerges unsought. It is original nature; uncontrived.
  • Jorge: Right! That also sounds a bit random?
  • Greg: It feels like it wants to emerge.
  • Jorge: Yes but whether the conditiooned mind will be very quiet is.. random?
  • Greg: It is quiet because it is not caught in confusion at that moment. By confusion I mean some thought-derived psycho-drama. I wouldn’t say random but for reasons beyond the me.
  • Jorge: Well said.. thanks



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. Awakening is knowing that awareness is the sea in which we live…..The essence of being……so its thoughts that is not letting us see it.

    If you are awake you will see that everything is awareness in different forms.

  2. Let us suppose one is looking at a rose and gives the statement ‘I can see a rose there.’. Is this seeing an act of choiceless observation? Had it been so the statement would not have contained the word ‘I’. ‘I’ is the center built up or crystallized in the sphere of consciouness with all its contents-experiences, memories, knowledge. There can not be choiceless awareness as long as this illusory center exists. So, it is not a question of whether or not there can be an awareness of awareness, but of whether the essence of the contents of consciousness, which is ‘me’ be ever be dissipated. If that is done, all is awareness. Where is then the scope of being aware of awareness?

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