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Choiceless observation: A night walk

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Is it possible that someone feels without choice? To feel thoughts and emotions without control, without interfering, without approval or disapproval? To observe without choosing to focus on the unexpected or the beautiful, without trying to avoid the ugly? To listen at the sounds, the words, without judgement,without agreement or disagreement, without putting effort in understanding? Continue reading →

The brutality of trying to change someone for one’s own good

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The fact: We found a little cat (15-day old) almost 8 months ago. She was close to death. We took her in our home and after a period of one month she (we call her Tsitsos) was completely healthy. After a few months we found that Tsitsos couldn’t accept to exist in the same place with another cat. And this made us nervous, anxious about her. We worried if she will enjoy her life if not able to accept another cat, to play with her, to share tenderness etc. And we made this fact a problem. Continue reading →

A Dialogue on Fear

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There was a discussion with my friend Stavroula, that started from an inquiry on insincerity and its connection with fear and turned to be a more thorough investigation on fear. I felt like sharing it with you.

  • Stavroula: Do you say lies?
  • Jorge Kapa: Yes, because of fear.
  • Stavroula: What are you afraid of?
  • Jorge: I am afraid of leaving the known, my attachments
  • Stavroula: Bring an example

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A Dialogue on Sincerity

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After discussions with two friends i found something that is immensily beautiful: Once there is love there is effortless sincerity. But if you try to be sincere then you definitely don’t love.. and if love is absent then out of such loveless sincerity more conflict, disorder, sorrow, pain will inevitably come. The first discussion switched on a light while the second made this light much stronger: Continue reading →

Is freedom of choice actual freedom?

31 choice
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There is too much speculation here in Greece regarding the issue of refugees..  It is speculated that Greece will be forced to choose between expelling from Schengen Treaty and building a huge camp of refugees in Greece. So if this question is asked and an answer is demanded, how do we respond? The discussion that followed this question showed something really important. It revealed the destructive effect of choice. It showed how choosing is, contrary to what is generally believed, a factor of enslaving rather than an expression of freedom. Continue reading →

Petty Little Escapes

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How do we perceive life? As a sequence of necessary unpleasant habits (like working in a boring job) and a few pleasant ones? So we create pleasant habits like drinking a cup of coffee every morning morning, we watch TV at night, every Sunday to go out for launch, every last Friday of the month to eat in an expensive restaurant, every Monday night to go to the cinema while there is discount in tickets..? and then every now and then we arrange something that is out of this strict routine as a break, a trip, an excursion! And this is so well planned so as to try to turn the unknown to known. Continue reading →

The House of Hope

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Everyday i pass in front of a club of cancer patients. The title of the club is Hope. Before i was consciously aware that something is wrong with that there was always a strange feeling when watching this title.

Before accepting the traditional notion that hope is something good, before accepting that hope definitely helps we should investigate, if we are at all serious, whether that’s the case. I recall myself being constantly in a state of hoping.. Continue reading →

Is there justice at all?

99 injustice
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Would you agree that almost all of us suffer more or less because of issues of injustice? Let’s take a very wide approach of the word “justice” not referring just to the legal things, to law, but also in relationships, regarding what is fair and what is not. Isn’t it right that most of us suffer (psychologically) from this sense that what happens to us is not fair? Friends complain about the frustrating unfair social system, volunteers say NGOs treat refugees and volunteers unfairly, NGOs complain on how bad do volunteers treat them, people get irritated with the fact that NGOs offer a good salary to the people they recruit etc. There is always around a sense of irritation because of unfair treatment, because of injustice. Continue reading →

Dialogue: Why do we wish at all?

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Its the first time there was not any disturbance with the huge wave of wishes because of the New Year’s day and it seems there was also much understanding on the whole movement of wish. The dialogue below was rather enlightening for the writer.. :

  • George: Doesn’t a wish imply hope? And obviously fear?
  • Heather: Maybe just desire
  • George: Desire hope fear, all a unified movement.. so why do we send wishes at all?
  • Continue reading →

How love turns into a cheap matter of pleasure and pain

4 aloneness
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We found in a previous diary that erotic love as we know it is a fictitious invention of the mind. There is a man and a woman and in the length of an extraordinarily alive single moment there is attraction, sense of vast beauty. The mind instantly intervenes and creates artificial passion, strong emotions, excitement. And we say “i am in love”. But what actually happens is that these emotions gradually fade. Why? Because memory acts and psychologically registers all experiences that take place. Thus an image is gradually built for our partner like “kind, impatient, insecure, with a great sense of humor”. And another image is built for us, a third image is built for how is sex experienced in our relationship and so on. Once a relationship works in terms of such images it becomes inevitable to actually live each moment. We experience every moment through the distorting image we have for ourselves and our partner. Every unique moment is translated by means of these (old) images so we feel we can’t experience anything fundamentally new.

Being incapable to experience anything new, inevitably comes a sense of repetition, routine which acts really intensively. Continue reading →