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Can lack of awareness deteriorate physical disease?

0 disease-and-awareness
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The writer wonders whether we ever observe the movement of thought once in a situation of pain, disease. Looking around us we see that pain, health complications, diseases, are usually a source of stress, anxiety and when a health issue is really dangerous it brings vast sorrow. I would like to investigate whether there is a positive feedback between the luck of awareness and the intensity of disease, of pain. Some will say, “oh stop with these silly metaphysics”.. I doubt if this is a question that has anything to do with mysterious forces or something like that. Let’s find out. Continue reading →

Dialogue: Is Erotic love -as we know it- just an invention of our brain?

3 identification
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This diary is just a sharing of a conversation I had with a girl called Cristina (Tinacris) regarding Identification and Erotic Love. In Greek there is one word for erotic love (Eros) and another word for the Absolute Love. The conversation started with investigating what identification and de-identification are and it somehow lead to a very interesting insight on the nature of erotic love!

G:What it means to de-identify from thoughts? It seems that it doesn’t imply to struggle in order to stop thinking what I am thinking… but what exactly is the quality, the feeling of de-identification? Continue reading →

#PrayforParis – Humans die everywhere – what should we do?

27 paris
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Friday, 10.25 pm .. a new death of a 3-year-old refugee was just announced. A heartless smuggler decided to throw the child to the sea in order to escape from the local authorities. Saturday, 00.45 am .. a new terror is rising, terrorists attack Paris. This diary is  written to investigate if there is a holistic action after such an atrocity? I don’t imply action of authorities, politicians.. i say about you and me, the whole humanity that looks dazed, numb after this shock.

To be honest, i have no idea what is a holistic action, an action that doesn’t perpetuate the whole drama, the whole insanity and brutality, an action that doesn’t divide us. So true answer is i don’t know if there is such an action but i want to explore, to find out. Continue reading →

Searching for a holistic action

6 holistic-action
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First came a video, back to 1970, where K was investigating whether there is a specific action in each challenge that is absolutely right, or it’s the state of mind, it’s an undivided mind that naturally brings about only holistic, whole actions. Then came a rather “not important” incident where i noticed that the crucial thing is probably not the action itself but what state of mind that brings about this action..

So let’s investigate. The writer thinks this is a major problem, it’s a universal issue.. everyone is trying to find what is the right thing to do.. and this is a root of immeasurable confusion, isn’t it? Continue reading →

How do memories work?

0 memories
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The writer is very interested on how memories work because he feels the root of people suffering is the Past (in other words the Time). It seems the past has the capacity to affect us in the psychological field by means of memories, hasn’t it?

So how does the physical brain work?

I have some quite superficial knowledge on how memories work physically. It seems that there is an unconscious recording of experiences in the form of memories which doesn’t stop while the organism is alive. Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation Vol. To connect with the Whole, To de-identify with Thoughts

5 whole-deidentification
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Yesterday night, after my DJ Set (i finished on 3.00am), i walked back home.. the road to home is a small, quiet, rather dark road with gardens/trees/fields along each side. It was windy and trees were dancing violently while the sound of the wind was almost hiding each other sound.. every now and then a few dogs were barking, a few crickets were creating their chirping sound.. and above me there was a full moon which was hiding many stars with its light, though i could still distinguish many of them. It took almost 40 minutes to cover this distance of 1000m to home, while i was stopping again and again to enjoy this enormous yet innocent beauty . Peace filled the inner, a sense of the whole body, all muscles being relaxed was evident and all anxieties as well as expectations dissappeared. Everything was in its right place!

Then came an insight.. Continue reading →

Sorrow and its passion

12 sorrow
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Today was an intense day. There was much peace, then anger and while no attention was given to this anger, sorrow filled my body. It seems like sorrow is a product of thought’s reactions to the everyday challenges once there is not in-time perception (awareness) of such reactions. When this happens it seems that the first thought brings a second and this leads to an unstoppable overflow of thoughts that causes a sense of increasing chaos, confusion. The intellectual understanding of this confusion necessarily brings a sense of misery which finally creates this acute sorrow.

So what happens when sorrow takes place? I think panic and fear are usually the first reactions to this sorrow.. Continue reading →

A River that knew how to teach our children well

0 river3
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The other day found me in a scenery that words can’t describe. There was a river and my friend and I stopped in its bank to eat something and enjoy what was around.. There was the sound of the water, the singing of the birds, the clumsy “speaking” of ducks..  and also there was a bridge, a green canvas and the chilling shadows of a huge walnut tree (i must say it was an extremely hot day)..

.. and then appeared the mother, the grandmother and the child. Continue reading →

The Death Dream

2 dying-swan
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Happened yesterday night. It was so much alive and intense. I was sitting next to a bed with a woman called Maria (Maria is the name of my mother – I don’t know if there is any connection). She was wearing a white dress and she was looking exhausted. This woman was going to die pretty soon. My bro was her lover and we were expecting him to come as soon as possible to be able to bid her farewell. He was some kind of prince, and the image of him riding his horse was appearing every now and then during the dream. Continue reading →

A Meditative Jamming

0 meditativejamming
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After cooking in a meditative way I recently had the chance to experience a meditative music jamming event. It is not the first time that i realize something strange happens when playing music but this was probably the most intense experience.. There is a band called The Suburbs! We’ve been playing music together for the last 3 years and we’ve abandoned the plan of covering songs since the last 8 months, after being quite confident playing music without a plan (which is actually the case in covering songs), would be something totally different. Continue reading →