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Meditative Cooking

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First things first, i don’t know almost anything about cooking! And this article is obviously not about cooking, it’s about the possibility to do almost everything freely and feel unexpected joy with every single action. Which has nothing to do with the satisfaction one feels when one succeeds something.


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Is there Psychological Right or Wrong at all?

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Today it was a music jamming day.. this is something we are experimenting on during the last 8 months with unexpected, surprising effects. But I will speak about that in another post. What happened today? We started playing but nothing was working fine.. I was feeling our bassist, Mimis was continuously getting out of the tempo. To keep the right tempo I was hitting my right foot down, at the same moment Ageliki, our percussionist, was trying to follow Mimis, Pantelis, the second guitarist didn’t bother with the whole situation and after a few minutes the whole magic disappeared. Continue reading →

The pebbles of truth – An insight on attachment

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It was high noon and i was enjoying my swimming! I couldn’t stop smiling for feeling my body so light because of the buoyancy. Then i got out of the water and lay in my towel. Thousands of pebbles came close to my eyes. I looked at one of them and it was so beautiful, so unique, smooth, with unique, colorful patterns. Then i looked at the pebble next to it and it was again a fresh experiencing, the second pebble was so beautiful, so different. That was a common characteristic for both of them, their uniqueness was common! Continue reading →