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Does the End Justify the Means?

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It was a really emotional week, that started with the occupation with the huge issue of the refugees and ended with the efforts to save a 20-day old cat that my friend found in the waste. So there was no much spare time for sharing experiences. The matter of the refugees crisis (Chios tries to support almost 1500-2500 refugees everyday) as well as the elections that took place recently (with a remarkable 46% abstention – which means the government represents less than 20% of the Greek population – and we call it Democracy) made the writer ask a new question: whether the End justifies the Means or not. Its a cliche phrase but it’s crucial, really crucial, to ask this question before we accept any such approach. So both the writer and the readers (if they wish) should empty their minds from preconceived ideas on the issue and actually ask this question starting from zero.

Let’s say you want to do something in order to improve the conditions of living in your homeland. So you think that the best option is to be a politician. To achieve that you put yourself in a position to try to make people vote for you or your political party in order to be able to help. To achieve your high ideal you discover you have to use some dirty, divisive tricks like attacking your political opponents so as to defend yourself from their aggressive behavior. Or you propagandize in order to convince people to choose your ideas as better. Or you spend huge amounts of money in advertising material. Or you try to make alliances with media. Its this ugly game of politics that nobody is able to avoid. Some try to resist this brutal  game, again because of their ideology, but finally they partially compromise and find themselves following some of these dirty means. And they justify their attitude saying “i couldn’t do anything else, i had no choice”.

Or let’s take the case of the volunteers that try to support refugees. Some of them follow the high ideal of helping other humans but again they are so stuck in that and they don’t hesitate to use every means in order to fulfill it. So they feel their ideas are the most effective in order to face efficiently the problem and they are willing to fight other people ideas in order to achieve their goal which is essentially division. They may also refuse other people contributions because they believe their support will make things worse, it will put the plan they have in mind in danger. Or they get angry once other volunteers don’t contribute that much.. or they get disappointed because they can’t radically solve the issue. Or they won’t hesitate to attack people of another ideological/political group dividing this movement of volunteering in smaller, less powerful groups.

So the question is quite simple.. does a high goal justifies the means (aggression, propaganda, misleading, ideological reactions), no matter whether they invite division, conflict  in your house? Can such fragmented approach (we have a high goal but we use corrupted/divisive means)  bring true peace, joy, freedom or it may somehow improve a situation but it will necessary create a new problem? This moment the writer sees  clearly that high ideals don’t justify the means, he sees that only whole (not fragmented, partial) action which rises from the ability to see now “what is” (intelligence) may bring actual peace, love and freedom. On the contrary divisive means, all based on the past (ideologies, beliefs, opinions, propaganda, cunning methods etc), will necessarily bring divisive end. So this very moment the writer dives into the unknown, he denies the past and its projection in the future (all ideals, all hopes, all goals) and he sees there is nothing more he has to do. And you?

PS: Its astonishing that some volunteers seem to have escaped this trap of ideals/ideas and their volunteering is always accompanied with a wide smile. These people seem to actually see Now the urgency to help and this seeing is whole action and once your action is whole/holly, joy inevitably is!

PS2: Aldus Haxley says exactly the same “The end doesn’t justify the means, for the simple and obvious reason that the means employed determine the nature of the ends produced”.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


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