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Does Time really heal wounds?

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There is a common belief that Time is a wound healer. For many many years this was the mechanism i was using to face psychological wound.  We’ve previously found here that beliefs, opinions have very limited meaning and they have nothing to do with Truth. So let’s find if there is any truth in this statement.. is Time a wound healer? Notice that we refer to Psychological wound/hurt.

How a psychological hurt takes place? Is the psychologcal hurt separate from time? Is there any hurt if Time is absent? I am sexual partner of a woman for many years, and during this time, a strong sense of relative security, attachment, possesion is built. Then we break up and this sense is destroyed. There is insecurity, fear, a lack of purpose, a sense of vanity. All these is psychological hurt, a very painful emotion. Would this hurt happen at all if time in the sense of memories, habits, ideals, images was absent(in other words, if time is not affecting psychologically)? The answer is obviously No.

So Time is breeding hurt, is the core of hurt. Can at the same moment Time heal hurt? Is it possible? People believe Time heals by means of forgetting. Is forgetting even possible? Or what actually happens is a gradual hiding of pain/hurt/insecurity in deeper layers of consciousness, these layers that scientists and psychologists call “unconscious” which it seems that its not separate from the rest of consciousness. Thus hurt seems to be less painful, consciously. And then comes this feeling of forgetting. But if one is more serious, more observative one will discover that hurt still acts from this hidden place dangerously, deviously bringing unexplainable pain, sorrow. It seems this is the continuously increasing sorrow of mankind. Its the sorrow that appears when someone is not occupying one’s mind with several pleasant or not pleasant escapes (habits, gossip, mechanical jobs etc). This sorrow also brings depression, confusion and it seems this is one of the fearest troubles of mankind.

So Time can only continue psychological hurt, its not possible to heal it. Then what? What am i to do in order to get rid of this acute psychological pain? To be sincere, i don’t know. But i know that I shouldn’t escape in an effort to forget the hurt in a matter of Time. So i quit all intellectual efforts to forget, I am not intersted in stop thinking this that brings pain by escaping in several pleasant habits, by occupying my mind in order to avoid the thoughts of hurt.  So i just remain silent, still and I just observe. And then i find that to observe with no words, non judgement, no choice, will reveal the fake nature of the psychological hurt. And then the hurt is not. But we should cease talking theoritically. Don’t accept what the writer says, try it, dig your teeth to it, find on your own!



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. There are several things involved in this, why does one get attached to a particular person ? Does attachment help a relationship or destroys the relationship with it’s fear and jealousy? Is it not possible to have relationship with people without getting attached?

  2. No time does not heal… you said the mind gets occupied with the latest version of pleasure and other habits

    Only thing that you can do is to realise the cause of fear….that is thought and it’s movement and then the dropping of thought happens

    That is to see the futility of thought and letting awareness work. …….pure intelligence.

  3. The whole of existence is a relationship but with out attachments. ….yes it is possible to have a relationship with out attachments

    Attachments are due to expectations or due to desires.

  4. It is the self that gets attached and which makes demands. To understand that and to love is freedom. That said, when the other behaves badly and exploits you for pleasure or because of indifference, there is no reason to stay with that person. If you are tied for economic reasons, you have to bear it and psychologically keep very far away. For women, it can be an unbearable situation. As far as time healing, what happens is that the pain ceases with understanding of the structure of attachment. In grief, as in death, you wear it as a scar. As far as the unconscious is concerned, I think it is vital to be watchful, not to take one’s pain out on another, something which people do so often.

  5. What time does is dull the pain, sometimes represses the memory or trades new thinking for old thinking. Hurt and pain can only be deeply understood, including the condemnation and the justification, the identification with being a victim etc. ‘Old’ pain or pain in time buried in our conciseness surfaces in our reactions, when observed one can actually see them come up. I have seen something from over 30 years ago come up the other night, that is connected with a present relationship…..awareness of ourselves with no escape from the devastating discomfort which its byproduct dissolves the pain in understanding…

  6. What is stored and learned will always remain. Even emotional Conditioning will remain. Complexities of life and relationships will remain.

    Jorge Kapa What i can do is change how i react to my inner emotions today, right now.
    When i shut up deeply within, The Silence touches a very calm inner peace and joy. This Emotional state is my natural inner state.

    Once i feel this inner peace, i develop an ability to see my negative conditioned EMOTIONAL responses.

    Since i know that this negative response is my own self talk and is not the real natural me, i shut the response there and than, not by effort but by being me…

    Only Silence reveals me to me hence Silence for sometime during the day is the key. I get rid of my unnatural reactions, natural ones i keep….lol

    Natural reactions are born in evolution and in love which caused the evolution…cheers.

  7. This is what jesus meant. ….only children can enter my Kingdom of heaven.

    We will fall back to our natural way of responding. …by intelligence. ..and not reacting by memory.

  8. What is healing.I am hurt from childhood till today. Only thing I can do aware of my emotions. Emotion comes from motion. Life is motion.Yestrday i was hurt. I went for walikg two hrs. Today I am feeling better. I am folowwing Krishnamurti since 40 years.

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