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About Numbers

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Ever wondered what is the role of numbers in our life? Is numbers something that is used rationally, in a practical way, to help in communication or solving practical issues?? Or is it something that plays a completely different role? I never asked myself about numbers until very recently when i surprisnlgy found that numbers is among the factors that are torturing us, that are enslaving us. Continue reading →

How thought shatters the Ego to multiple fragments

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What is this thing we call Ego? It seems its essentially that sense that there is a Me and a You, that i am different, divided, separate psychologically from other people.  A friend just pointed out that the Ego is born the very moment we characterize our self.  The writer would like to notice the Ego is when we even feel there is a Self (which implies division, separation). This is the essence of Ego. And how is the Ego expressed? Τhe manifestation of the Ego is a movement towards pleasure/safety and away from pain/displeasure/uncertainty, in order that this Self is kept satisfied, secure.. Continue reading →

… and then came the words

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There is an object! This object is completely unknown. To see this unknown, alive, new object doesn’t require any identification, any intellectual movement, any word to be told or thought… There is also a feeling. This feeling is completely unknown. To sense/see this unknown, alive, new feeling doesn’t require the intellect to work.. yet the intellect doesn’t remain still. Continue reading →

Dialogue: The Observer is the Observed

10 the-observer-is-the-observed
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Right after the previous diary where i was discussing with my friend Stavroula about the nature of fear another discussion took place, unexpectedly revealing the tricks of the Ego, which made it clear how urgent it is to see this simple thing.. that the Observer is the Observed

  • Margarita: Just read your dialogue on Fear. It somehow pinched me
  • Jorge: What do you mean?
  • Margarita: This fear.. i am very stressed about it this moment, i feel very tired because of it.. i feel i am its prey.. i don’t know, i feel very strange this moment.. i am angry with myself
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About psychological Time

4 Time
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Just came into a post that i wrote back in 2008 (in Greek) in my first personal blog. Its title was “Time”. First i would like to translate a few lines from this post:

I love the days that i’ve managed to go out for coffee, then go to the gym, then for a soccer game and after having a quick bath to run like crazy in order to catch a second rendezvous for a second coffee and after that to run in order to be on time for a movie in cinema. I work very hard to detach from all habits that waste my time, the moment i locate them. Continue reading →

The House of Hope

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Everyday i pass in front of a club of cancer patients. The title of the club is Hope. Before i was consciously aware that something is wrong with that there was always a strange feeling when watching this title.

Before accepting the traditional notion that hope is something good, before accepting that hope definitely helps we should investigate, if we are at all serious, whether that’s the case. I recall myself being constantly in a state of hoping.. Continue reading →

Dialogue: Why do we wish at all?

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Its the first time there was not any disturbance with the huge wave of wishes because of the New Year’s day and it seems there was also much understanding on the whole movement of wish. The dialogue below was rather enlightening for the writer.. :

  • George: Doesn’t a wish imply hope? And obviously fear?
  • Heather: Maybe just desire
  • George: Desire hope fear, all a unified movement.. so why do we send wishes at all?
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Dialogue: Can we lead a totally non violent life?

5 psychological-violence
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The writer has referred to violence in previous diaries but unexpectedly today there was a dialogue which revealed effortlessly, naturally a few interesting aspects of violence. The conversation started with Gordon asking a question..

  • Gordon Isn’t poverty the result (a consequence) of human violence?
  • George And isn’t violence the result of division?
  • Gordon Yes sir. My division. So I take your land, or your oil, or your bananas, and then wish you a merry Christmas, peace to you? How does that work?
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Once Time Approaches Zero Joy Approaches Infinite

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This insight derived from conversations i had after publishing the previous diary regarding  the question “Does the end justify the means“? Again the conversation was about the possibility of non ideas/opinions/beliefs. A calm and cool debater called Eva gave another aspect to ideas that was quite interesting. She described the possibility that ideas exist only to be examined  in order to find  whether, as statements, they are true or false.

The most dominant aspect of ideas (as most people perceive such terms) is that they are durable in time. Time is the main feature of any idea. Ideas are birth of time, of the past and they grow stronger as time goes by. Do we all see that? Continue reading →

Does the End Justify the Means?

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It was a really emotional week, that started with the occupation with the huge issue of the refugees and ended with the efforts to save a 20-day old cat that my friend found in the waste. So there was no much spare time for sharing experiences. The matter of the refugees crisis (Chios tries to support almost 1500-2500 refugees everyday) as well as the elections that took place recently (with a remarkable 46% abstention – which means the government represents less than 20% of the Greek population – and we call it Democracy) made the writer ask a new question: whether the End justifies the Means or not. Its a cliche phrase but it’s crucial, really crucial, to ask this question before we accept any such approach. So both the writer and the readers (if they wish) should empty their minds from preconceived ideas on the issue and actually ask this question starting from zero.

Let’s say you want to do something in order to improve the conditions of living in your homeland. So you think that the best option is to be a politician.  Continue reading →