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Bye Bye Ideologies

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It’s peculiar how crucial role the ideals/ideologies/beliefs/faith play in our life. I would like to delve into that cause in first glance something doesn’t look ok. But let’s start from where we actually are. We want to perceive the connection of ideologies to our life. What we know is our past knowledge on ideologies, but past knowledge is dead, so why don’t we abolish it completely? So as to be able to face our question with no knowledge at all. Like an innocent baby that looks at something and is passionate to understand, to explore. So here we are.. no knowledge, not the slightest idea about ideals and consequently no resistance to the new, to the fresh! How do we proceed? Continue reading →

Nothing was divided and there is nothing to unite

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A beautiful insight happened a few minutes earlier. First came an interview of a Greek Astrophysicist, Manos Danezis regarding the limits of human biology in connection with the unity of the universe (many thanks to Dimitris Giannakaronis). Then came a mail from Jos, a subscriber to MeditativeDiaries and friend. This happy coincidence triggered a so intense flash.. just copying/pasting our email conversation: Continue reading →

The Word is Not the Thing

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So what exactly are the words? How do the words affect the way we perceive things? Why do we give such extraordinary importance to words? Probably if we delve into the nature of words it would be possible to tackle several communication issues and neurotic behaviors. So let’s investigate together.

Would we agree that words are just symbols? The word tree is just a symbol for the actual tree, a symbol that was formed in the past to describe the tree. We all agree on that.. which makes it necessary when two people investigate together to make sure that they have the same coding, that they use the same symbol for the same thing. Continue reading →

Bye bye authority

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Many of you have probably heard of Krishnamurti and as i mentioned in previous posts, his words were the triggering event for starting MeditativeDiaries. Krishnamurti starts almost every single conversation or speech with a statement which is probably the most radical point of his teachings (this isn’t probably the best word to use, but i will stick to that for the moment): K underlines that the speaker is not important, only the message is probably serious, significant. He encourages everybody to not merely accept his message, to question it, to find on his/her own whether there is truth on it. He also notices that simply mechanically repeating a truth makes it a lie. Continue reading →

An insight on the Opposites

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I’ve already mentioned this weird idea regarding the opposites here but i would like to further investigate. I don’t know how to start.. hm.. so let’s have a look at some opposites: love and hate, freedom and slavery, peace and violence, goodness and immorality, patience and impatience etc.. i feel that opposites appear almost in every aspect of our life.

The first thing i would like to question is whether the opposite of -let’s say- violence is actual/true peace? When one realizes that one is violent one tries hard to be non violent (to reach the ideal of non violence), to be peaceful. Is that movement independent of violence? Or it has violence in its very core, it’s born of violence? So is to be non violent/peaceful as a reaction to violence, actual peace? Or it’s the same violence that pretends to be non violent? Continue reading →

Euro or Drachma-A manifestation of the opposites

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There is always a huge interest on my side, on this peculiar idea humans have that everything, in the psychological area, is divided in opposites.. Truth and lie, Love and hate, Freedom and slavery, Beauty and ugliness, Good and bad.. i intentionally used a capital letter for the positive form of the opposites, just to show there is a strong feeling that the positive is something really “good”, “great”, “noble”, something you should be proud of, while the negative form is such a “disappointment”, it causes always an unpleasant feeling.

I will show you these opposites are an imaginary creation, but this will be probably perceived as true only if you are deeply open. You need no stereotypes, no pre-determined opinions to investigate this question.. “are opposites actual or another imaginary invention”. So let’s leave everything out of this investigation, let’s start from zero and let’s explore this question together as two friends that are interested only in what is.

Probably some of you are aware of the disorder taking place in Greece and the referendum Greeks are going to vote for on next Sunday.. Continue reading →

Does Massive Revolution/Protest make sense at all?

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Here in Greece we are facing some serious issues.. unemployment, debts, danger of economical embargo, terrorizing daily news etc. Fear, despair and anger is everywhere in the air. And protesting appears as a duty and an effective means of doing something. Since.. ever I couldn’t understand why people protest, sometimes violently, others not.. During the last years I was also questioning the meaning, the importance of revolutions, these violent movements that focus on changing the outer environment and whether they do radically change the Man during the centuries.

The night before I watched the 11th of the 12 parts of the conversation of Jiddu Krishnamurti with Dr. David Bohm that took place in 1975 at Brockwood Park (to watch it click here – it’s a 100′ video, i am not sure you are willing to watch it). And there was a phrase that made something click inside me and make it quite clear that trying to change the outer environment has no point at all if not changing the inner.. we are in chaos inside, we are confused, we are afraid, we are manipulated by ideologies, religions, nationalism, stereotypes and we feel that this inner chaos can bring order, can drastically change the outside environment to make us happy. Such a contradiction! Continue reading →