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Euro or Drachma-A manifestation of the opposites

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There is always a huge interest on my side, on this peculiar idea humans have that everything, in the psychological area, is divided in opposites.. Truth and lie, Love and hate, Freedom and slavery, Beauty and ugliness, Good and bad.. i intentionally used a capital letter for the positive form of the opposites, just to show there is a strong feeling that the positive is something really “good”, “great”, “noble”, something you should be proud of, while the negative form is such a “disappointment”, it causes always an unpleasant feeling.

I will show you these opposites are an imaginary creation, but this will be probably perceived as true only if you are deeply open. You need no stereotypes, no pre-determined opinions to investigate this question.. “are opposites actual or another imaginary invention”. So let’s leave everything out of this investigation, let’s start from zero and let’s explore this question together as two friends that are interested only in what is.

Probably some of you are aware of the disorder taking place in Greece and the referendum Greeks are going to vote for on next Sunday.. the implications of this referendum may be serious in the field of global economy, but I am not willing to put myself neither in a position of trying to guess the future nor to understand all these weird financial terms. The question of the referendum is not quite clear.. but even if it was “Euro or Drachma” i will show you this is rather a false question than an actual one.

Each Greek feels he had to decide whether it’s on his personal interest to choose Euro or Drachma.. some of my compatriots try to transcend their close personal interest and take into consideration the interest of a not-so-limited group of people that their personal interest are common.. an even more “radical” attitude has to do with people who are willing to sacrifice their best interest for the … common good (which is absolutely non existent as i will explain below).. and they obviously don’t realize this movement is of the Ego that identifies itself with something higher, nobler. So the criteria are always the personal interest. Now isn’t it obvious that when choosing in terms of personal interest division arises, while there will be conflict between my interest and interest of some other people.

So what exactly people do? They try to evaluate, to measure which is best for them (even when they identify themselves with something higher like the imaginary “common good”). They will choose either Euro or Drachma but the choice is exactly the same.. both sides will choose according to their best interest. Euro is the opposite of Drachma but both choices are identical and divisive: a manifestation of the measurement of my best interest. So is there a real question and genuinely different answers. Obviously not!

And what this divisive movement implies? It necessarily implies anxiety, stress, effort, struggle, propaganda, the feeling we are different from the others, enemies, the feeling that some compatriots are traitors, others are indifferent etc. Check Facebook statuses and you will get the idea. Verbal conflict, propaganda, moral blackmail.. noone realizes we are one. We become .. opposite, like the opposites we have to choose.

Replace Euro and Drachma with your favorite soccer teams (let’s say Barcelona and Real), or love and hate, or freedom and slavery, morality and immorality.. it’s the same brutal game which we will further investigate pretty soon.

And there is an obvious question.. do we see all this is false? Do we actually see it? Like we see that the sun is rising from the east? If yes then inevitable instant, holistic action will take place.. we will psychologically deny all this mess.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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