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Searching for a holistic action

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First came a video, back to 1970, where K was investigating whether there is a specific action in each challenge that is absolutely right, or it’s the state of mind, it’s an undivided mind that naturally brings about only holistic, whole actions. Then came a rather “not important” incident where i noticed that the crucial thing is probably not the action itself but what state of mind that brings about this action..

So let’s investigate. The writer thinks this is a major problem, it’s a universal issue.. everyone is trying to find what is the right thing to do.. and this is a root of immeasurable confusion, isn’t it? Why such searching breeds confusion? To answer this question we need to find who is the one that is trying to find the right thing to do.. isn’t it thought, intellect, the Ego that wants to act right? But the Ego is the root of division (in the sense that once the Ego is active we imagine we are separate, like Me and You) so how can the Ego reveal this which is not divided, which is absolute, holistic? It seems this is not possible.

To be more specific, is it choice that will reveal the right, holistic action? Is it a matter of comparing two or more options, to weigh, measure the pros and cons, in order to find the optimum? Such comparison should be endless in order to measure the infinite factors that are related to a single issue. So analysis would never end, wouldn’t it? It seems its quite impractical to lead a life this way. So is there any intellectual movement (choice, comparison, measurement etc) which is capable to touch a holistic action? Obviously not. Do we see the logic, the truth of that?

Now how can we tackle the problem? It’s quite common that we fall into this trap of trying to find what is right and what is wrong, to choose, to measure.  Having seen the truth of the statement that intellectual movement won’t ever give an answer, we voluntarily, willingly deny every such movement. Next moment intellectual effort ceases and we are able to see what is happening around us, not distorted, distracted by thoughts. Now, once we actually see everything that happens, the seeing is doing, the seeing is holistic action on its own, isn’t it?

Once i see a man falling and this intellectual drama like “should i help him or not, probably he will feel bad” or “I don’t even know him, i am not feeling conveniently to help him” doesn’t exist, I just see this man falling and I act, i am running to help him.. its that simple, isn’t it?

Now its interesting that superficially it looks like in the first case, if i choose to help the fellow that is falling (after comparing the two options of helping and not helping) the action is identical to the holistic action of seeing/helping, but the quality of these two responses is quite different, psychologically.. first is a divisive response born of a (naturally) divisive choice while the second is a holistic action, compassion, love.




Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. Yes, superficially two actions may appear similar, as you describe, but one comes from fragmentation of the mind and therefore spreads it, the other from the fullness of the heart. The latter is timeless action where there is no separation between the actor and what is acted upon. Yes it is love and compassion which is also action. It happens before or rather out of the reach of thought, of recognition.

    • couldn’t put it better mina! There is so much resistance to see this..many people distinguish signs of intellectual action like “i have to give a command with my brain in order for my body to move and help the fellow that is falling”.. but i think they don’t see that the core of the whole action is the heart, love, compassion and the intellect is just used as a tool.. hm??

  2. …when you feel the sacredness of life, of all life forms, when you do not feel any separation from any creature, including flies :-) (no matter if by chance one might end up in your ear :-) ), you feel so meek and compassionate within, that killing a fly does not seem to happen…that fly is also part of you :-)…and all this makes sense only in the silent observation of everything, not as any conclusion derived from limited thought…-Yes feel that a sense of lack of separation is essential here…you realise that whatever you do to anyone else, you do to yourself…no separation…Love, M.

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