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How does Awareness of the Ego feels like

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Manolis Kritikos wrote:

03.04 at 1:25am

The awareness that one can taste, when the energy still is blocked by the presence of the ego wanting to observe (so that there is not the complete opening for the energy to flow), is the Awareness that one is not aware that one is aware, means that as one is present , is present as an ego, outside of the seeing. As one is aware of the seeing , the experiencing is ending, and the usual state is returning.

All are knowing this, as they are enjoying something, they are avoiding being serious, being totally conscious of what is happening. So they are preferring for the pleasant things not to be self aware, but self awareness with the years is inevitable. …

So , everybody is hating self awareness, to remember , not to forget the self, as the experiencing is ending observing it.



Manolis Kritikos

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