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How words put an end to awareness

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I shared a previous inquiring with dozens of people online and i received a few really interesting and beautiful perspectives which i would like to share with you because i think there is truth on them.. and if you actually see the truth of them, then its the essense of beauty and joy… my inquiry was:

Is it possible for awareness to dissolve emotions/thoughts before they even appear

Would like to talk about the possibility  that de-identification with thoughts takes place in a word-less stage.. in such case there is so much alertness and there is awareness of the emotion or thought, of anger, or fear, of jealousy or aggression, of cunningness or insecurity, as the emotion is rising from the depth.. like you see it coming. So there is a feeling/awareness of anger before of the creation of the word “anger” (when the word is still absent). Then the emotion of anger is disappearing.. or to be more accurate it isn even appearing at all.

The two comments i would like to share here are the following:


You are looking at it and you don’t know what it is. This is what is
The thinker wants to know what it is and searches through its repertoire for a name and an explanation.
Now you think you know what it is.
Now you think you know what it is. you have stopped looking at it and are looking instead at your opinions, and your imaginary ideas about what you will do about it.
You have, in the instant of naming, moved from looking at what is to looking at what you imagine what is to be.
You are referencing your past and speculating into the future.
You have moved from present moment awareness to looking at the past and the future (both of which do not exist except as mind-concepts).


dis solve is a good word for it
not solved
not allowed to be seen as a problem
nothing to solve

to know how i feel and not to be afraid to show it

people who are not who they really are,
are afraid
and they know it

they know how they really feel
there is nothing to solve
no how am i supposed to feel
no how would Krishnaji feel
no how does it feel

the magic is the freedom
what is and what will never be

that’s what’s up



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. The journey is made by the energy and through the energy of presence, awareness, out of total attention, total awareness. The seeing is free and the energy of attention is not influenced from what the eye is seeing. Intellectual as thought , as a description, as a clinging on an object wanting something, to feel something, is moved out of distraction when the eye is greedy. So, one is loosing the energy of attention as one is giving importance to what is perceived , as an effort to maintain the perception, or an effort to make the perception clean. So, the intellect is free to react but not be identified with a preference the energy of attention is not dissipating. So recognition or not of an object has absolutely no importance. Then there is a oness with the space , as everything is happening in the space without a center of watching, as there are no preferences…..The energy of attention is dissolving the center and it is showing the way not me trying not to exist, not to express preferences.

    • it seems its all about the quality of searching.. if the “I” is searching, having an ultimate goal, then its not possible that you are present.. then you explain, evaluate, compare and your are lost in time.. would you agree on that?

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