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How illusion comes into being? Illusion and Self Illusion

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Most people think that their reality is true. A few others intellectually recognize whatever they experience is mostly Illusion! The writer would like to delve into this problem of Illusion and probably raise a few questions for discussion.. The readers could do exactly the same, putting aside all preconceived ideas, opinions they have about Life.

In a previous diary we referred to a scientifically proved fact that our body senses are naturally limited, partial (for example eyes see only in a very limited part of frequencies). The limitation of body senses creates optical illusions, sonic illusions etc and gives a sense of material/body separation/division. Someone would say this illusion is practically useful in terms of body survival.. if all these limitations of the senses cease we will experience a thick ocean of energy, in which the bodies would probably die immediately (for example we could probably fall from a cliff without even recognizing that. Also we should notice that such illusion can’t be avoided.

Now there is also another illusion, created from the Ego, the Self, a Self-Illusion. The self imagines we are psychologically divided, it feels that we are separate in terms of ideas, beliefs, personal interest… it imagines i am better or worse than you.. The self tries to convince the others, to manipulate, to dominate as if we were actually separate psychologically. This dimension of illusion seems to be completely non practical, useless. On the contrary it seems to bring a great deal of pain, conflict, sorrow and fear. It’s also interesting that the Self, being extraordinarily cunning, recruits the natural illusion of the senses to create more psychological illusions… for example the self says “this body needs to eat in order to survive, so it must work hard and make much money” creating thus way a false necessity (self-illusion) of being competitive, brutal, violent.. now this illusion doesn’t seem to be inevitable (in contrast with what happens with the body/sensual illusion), it’s only when the Ego intervenes that such illusion takes place..

Now a few questions.. Is the identification with physical illusion (regarding the separation of the mater/body) probably the root behind psychological division, behind the Ego? And who is that Identifies?  Is there anything we need to do regarding the sensual illusion? Is there anything we need to do regarding the Self-Illusion?

We need to not depend on anybody to find these answers.. we need to find on our own.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. hai dear friend….what a difficult story now….”material/body separation/division”…………….when there is no full observation/seeing , then is everything ILLUSION…..later i will come back to this subject ok? if you had “time” of course….
    nice days George also for family and your dear Friends…..
    with love and joy……

    • hey dear Jos! Hope you are just fine.. i am for vacation for 7 days and its great! Sure, illusion is here, is a fact. Is it possible to see illusion? And what happens once illusion is actually seen? Is de-identification what takes place?

      with love and joy

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