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What is Intelligence?

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I feel i need to somehow create a code that will make it easy for me to communicate what is found in my mind. Lets be realistic. Words is all we have (especially behind our monitors) in order to communicate. And words are symbols, symbols of a thing.. but we need to be careful.. the word is not the thing, the description is never the described. We should take into consideration that words are only symbols.

Having said that, i will try to describe what i mean by using the word “intelligence”. Checking online the etymology and meaning of the word intelligence i’ve found several meanings like “intellect, mind, brain, reasoning, understanding, comprehension, insight, perceptiveness, alertness” and many others which make it clear there is not a clear symbolism connected with the word intelligence.

As for me, the meaning of the word “intelligence” has to do mostly with perceptiveness, alertness and is connected with the “Now”. So i use “intelligence” as a symbol of a thing entirely different to the “intellect” which is of time, which is actually the past, experience, knowledge, memory etc.

A phrase that could possibly describe intelligence is “to see what is”.. to actually see, with no prejudice, no stereotypes, no preconceived ideas which are the past and distort the perception of what is.

It’s also quite important that once intelligence is active it inevitably brings immediate action, which is not limited, because it has nothing to do with knowledge (which is by nature limited – i am willing to explain it if necessary). So intelligence trigger immediate whole, holly action which has no regret. Just like when i actually see a poisonous snake i just go away, no silly ideas of the past intervene (for example “i should be fearless, i should face the snake”).

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Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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