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Is election a corruptive process?

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Elections is something common in Greece especially during the last 2 years.. on September 20 we will have again a new elective process. At this point it seems we should ask an important question: Should we participate in such a process or not? Or even better, we should ask whether its possible by means of a process of election to bring something radically.. good.. or if such process is necessarily corruptive.

How should we delve into this problem.. It feels that first we need to empty our minds, reject all ideas about elections, all stereotypes, traditional ideals, or preconceived opinions. Or else we just struggle to confirm our opinion which has no importance/value at all.

So I am building an imaginary scenery where both people and nominees are totally not corrupted, not neurotic, not selfish.

People are asked to choose. How will this choice be done? I have to choose between (let’s say) 5 not corrupted people. While I am also not corrupted I will choose the most capable, the one whom I feel that will work for the best interest of the majority of people (thought I doubt such term is valid). On their side, nominees should describe their plans, in order to convince me to choose them. So the best I can do is to listen, evaluate and choose.

So let’s say I vote for nominee A. Many others vote for the same nominee while others think that B or D is the most capable. It seems that this is the point where division necessarily emerges. It’s a very discreet division, probably it won’t bring outer conflict, but a scar is left inside.. my opinion is that A is the right man, while you believe that B is much better and only this existence of conflicting opinions is enough to divide us. Now ask yourself whether division is or is not the very root of corruption, of conflict, sorrow, pain, death, destruction of earth, war.. whether division is the very root of all evil.

Meanwhile the nominees will have to prove their plans are better comparing to the plans of their competitors, which again leads to division. Isn’t it the necessary outcome of such a process?

Now imagine how more intense the division is in our society where people areĀ  corrupted, selfish, violent, competitive.

So, starting from an imaginary scenery where all humans are virtuous, good, it becomes clear election is a corruptive process. Having seen the truth of that, what should a responsible Man do? Isn’t it psychological denial of this process the only obvious action that rises from such perception?

But don’t accept what is said here as true, the writer is obviously not an authority, probably the writer is an idiot.. so ask yourself, dig your teeth into the problem, find for you whether elections can change the world, or if even participating to such process will lead to perpetuation of corruption, sorrow, war etc.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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