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Is freedom of choice actual freedom?

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There is too much speculation here in Greece regarding the issue of refugees..  It is speculated that Greece will be forced to choose between expelling from Schengen Treaty and building a huge camp of refugees in Greece. So if this question is asked and an answer is demanded, how do we respond? The discussion that followed this question showed something really important. It revealed the destructive effect of choice. It showed how choosing is, contrary to what is generally believed, a factor of enslaving rather than an expression of freedom.

So let’s take this hypothetical example where people in Greece are asked to decide whether they want to exit Schengen or Build a Refugee Camp somewhere in Greece. So there is a challenge, there is a question that people need to answer. If you try to choose among two options, you need to do it intellectually.. you need to measure, to compare the options, to try to weigh the pros and cons. I think this is what a confused, divided, terrified mind is doing. Because such a mind, being in a state of confusion, is not able to see things as they are.. so it escapes in the only option that is left.. the intellect. The intellect, after measuring will choose according to its personal interest (even if this personal interest is covered by a cloak of humanistic ideals).

And the worst part is coming.. enslaving.. after choosing, a confused mind won’t ever rest.. it will continue working intensely. It will create new thoughts like “i am not sure if i chose the right thing” or “i feel guilty, but i had no option but to choose this, or else the consequences would be really destructive” or “Oh my God it was such a stupid decision, if now we really get out of Schengen, i will be regretting this choice for my whole life”. This way the mind opens the door for uncertainty, hope, justification, perpetuation of speculating and all such intellectual mechanisms that enslave the mind, destroy peace, silence, calmness

Now the question is “Is it possible that a mind is so alert and sensitive so as to approach a challenge with no intellectual processing at all”? Such mind is not measuring, such mind is not choosing, this minds sees how things actually are and responds holistically.. several responses like “i am not interested in negotiating human lives” could take place, but none of them would breed intellectual reactions like insecurity, confusion, regret, hope, agony. Such an extraordinarily sensitive and alert mind, isn’t interested in choosing, such mind looks at a problem and the very seeing is immense, deep understanding and immediate action that comes from this understanding. Such mind is free from all the intellectual maladies, such mind is free.

Again, here it is not implied a criticism in people that choose, here we just inquire in the nature of choice. Everyone that is a bit serious, its urgent to investigate this question and find for oneself, not to agree or disagree with what is communicated here.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. it seems its only this: once i start from the unknown there is no certainty, no assumption, i just see and then there is deep understanding, there is complete certainty, security.. if i start from intellectual assumptions, from certainty, i will necessarily end in uncertainty.. its exactly that

  2. Yes, freedom of choice is actual freedom! Freedom is to make a choice that might be against your own comfort because is driven by humanitarian ideas. Freedom is to stand for your beliefs.Freedom is to choose to sacrifice yourself- to offer it as the ultimate gift- to an idea, to the human..

  3. If there is clarity there is no confusion, if there is no confusion there is no choice there is a doing not a conclusion or a decision. The word origin from Latin suggest division or fragmentation.

  4. Not easy to decide and take either or decisions in life…true.
    Many complex real life situation need wisdom and expertise to resolve the issue. It is a management skill, first target is to create a win win situation for all, if that is not possible than give and take negotiation begin.
    Compassion is not an intellectual concept, it is s hard fact.
    People manipulate situations for personal gains and greed, collective decisions as a community are therefore wiser than personal opinions, it may not please all but that is the only way to work within the given limitations.
    A calm and relaxed mind is imperative for negotiating a workable sane compromise.

  5. Learning to be relaxed and calm in life is an art. Meditation brings this inner peace.
    Thoughts born from emotional calmness are effective tools, getting to this calmness is difficult they say? That is another problem causing real problem.

  6. a poetic possibility from the I CHING :) Wilhelm/Baynes translation

    I CHING, hexagram 45, Gathering Together, in the second place:

    Letting oneself be drawn
    Brings good fortune and remains blameless.
    If one is sincere,
    It furthers one to bring even a small offering.

    In the time of GATHERING TOGETHER, we should make no arbitrary choice of the way. There are secret forces at work, leading together those who belong together. We must yield to this attraction; then we make no mistakes. Where inner relationships exist, no great preparations and formalities are necessary. People understand one another forthwith, just as the Divinity graciously accepts a small offering if it comes from the heart.

  7. My feelings regarding the issue are reflected in the following poem of my beloved KAVAFY: CHE FECE … IL GRAND REFIUTO : For some people the day comes when they have to declare the great YES or the great NO. It is clear that once who has the YES ready within him; and saying it, he goes from honor to honor, strong in his conviction. He wig refuses DOES NOT REPENT. Asked again,he ‘d still say NO. Yet that NO – the right NO – drags him down all his life. ( if anyone would like to read it in Greek , i will gladly translate).

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