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Is it possible that a relationship is always anew?

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People have accepted that all relationships flower for a little period where there is excitement, pleasure, mutual interest, fun, joy, care, tenderness, sexual or not sexual passion and then boredom arises. Or they struggle in order to keep the relationship exciting, by seeking new pleasures, new habits, new experiences. So they plan a trip every now and then in order to renew a relationship, they buy a new house or a new fancy car. It seems this reaction of struggling to create artificial pleasure (in the sense that this doesn’t happen effortlessly, naturally), is the opposite of boredom, which hides boredom inside (for an insight on the opposites click here). See the truth of all these, see that this is a fact, not an imagination of the writer.

And what is boredom? Isn’t it an inevitable outcome of repetitiveness? And isn’t repetitiveness a result of concepts, plans, habits, strategies, ideals, images, attachment? And aren’t all these essentially Time (as Past and its projection to the Future)? Isn’t Time the core of Boredom?? Isn’t the label “friend” or “erotic partner” or “husband/wife” Time? Isn’t the safety I feel by being a long-time friend with someone Time? Even repetitiveness in sexual games is Time, isn’t it? So the question is.. while we live in Time, isn’t it necessary that Time will poison relationship, that it will make it ugly, old, unattractive, boring?

So are we doomed to live in old, dying relationships, relationships where boredom rules? It seems the answer is obvious.. if we negate time, volunteeringly, willingly, effortlessly, then Time and all its by-products cease to exist… but we need to be serious.. every effort to negate Time, is essentially Time. Time denial either happens completely effortlessly or its the Ego (which is also Time) that plays self delusion games..




Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. This time, I had to take time to pause to try and understand this time thing. I concluded : all I really have is time! Therefore, I might as well fill the time with thoughts and activities that give me satisfaction and renew my spirit….. alone or with friend(s).

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