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Decrypting Meditation Vol. Is it possible to see the tree without the word?

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For a very long time the writer was looking at a tree, a thought or food and mechanically a relative word was appearing in his mind like “oak tree”, “fear” or “meatballs”, without being conscious of this process of automatically creating the word.. then for some reason a conscious realization of this process took place.. Then came a question whether its possible to see the tree without the word.. then it was discovered that this is also possible..

.. yesterday night there was a “flash”/insight that probably all this happens because of intense alertness of (the non mechanical part of) the mind.In a previous diary it was communicated this beautiful, extremely alive state where its possible to “catch” a thought, while it is rising from the depth, before a word that symbolizes this thought appears at all (para vani).. now it seems that this is the case when the tree is seen without the word.. the thought/word for the Tree tends to rise and an extraordinarily alert, alive mind, observes the thought and the thought dissolves prior to the word construction!

“How this happens” seems to be a distorted question, there is no such thing as a method for this to happen. Its the most effortless thing to happen yet at the same moment the question that comes in mind is a “how”.. the conditioned human mind words in terms of “how”, of methods, techniques, the human mind works in terms of intellectual effort.. it seems the only thing to do in order for this to happen, is to open the doors, to examine, to investigate if this is possible or not, with no preconceived opinions. If this happens once, something strange seems to take place.. inevitably this uninvited alertness will come again and again, connecting us with the present..

.. now is this any important? Probably yes, because the word is experience, past, time, it is an abstraction about the thing, its not the actual thing.. to see without the word unleasehs a sense of extraordinary beauty, an intense aliveness!

PS: It is not implied here that the word, the thought (which are essentially a unified movement) is an enemy that we should force to cease.. on the contrary, only thing that makes sense is absolute absence of suppression against the thought.. every intention of resistance/suppression is just another thought (that tries to suppress the initial thought/word)! So this silly trick/game of suppression is nothing more than the essence of division. It is just thought that is dividing itself into good/beneficial and bad/harmful thought.. and this division naturally brings psychological struggle, stress, confusion, pain, anxiety, sorrow!



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. When the inner being is at peace, Nature does come alive with joy, Trees and the whole nature feels good to be around, Spirituality is a well being science, Nature is beautiful as is. Spending time outdoors is bliss, Words to describe Nature are never the real thing. Trees are beautiful silent beings, Silence within can at times feel the aliveness of a tree.

  2. There is no observer seperate from the observed when words don’t interfere in the observation. Words categorize or divide so they have no use in the observation of a tree or nature..

  3. When the fact hits some minds that the word’s not the thing or event ,in that space a disconnection takes place in an instant,with the inner & outer modes of naming,it all happens within that instant,the attention then sees how the naming rises before you can say jack robbinson, how mechanical it is & so on,you don’t need to understand a fact twice ?

    • Been away for the day !
      That is what I found,Jorge, something shifted,an attachment to Thought or words slipped off, an Whole new vision it was to me.
      A Seamless whole was being seen where there was once a fragmented god knows what being experienced through words.
      The fact rocked the boat,so to speak.
      “It” started to tell “its” tale instead of Thought,experiencing without naming taking place here,there & everywhere,that’s how it was with this mind.

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