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Is practice/exercise necessary in order to meditate?

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There is a very strong concept regarding meditation. People either believe that meditation is an intellectual process (like repeating a few words, mantras or focusing on your breath) or that exercise/practice is necessary to prepare the ground in order to meditate. It seems all such concepts are wrong and we will show it below.

So what is meditation? Or even better, what is not meditation? Is meditation thought or intellectual movement/concentrating/exercising/practicing – all these imply thought in order to happen, thought is their root -? If yes there would be no need to call it meditation. You could just call it “Thought”. And thought is, in its very essence, dualistic, divisive, confusive, thought will bring another thought and the second thought will bring a third one etc – which has nothing to do with meditation. This is the nature of thought and this is not an opinion of the writer, its a fact.

So how meditation takes place? This is a wrong question. There is not a “how” at all, there is not a path to gain the marvellous experience of meditation. This question demands an intellectual answer, a method, a technique that will bring us to the desired result.. to meditate. All these are just inducing more thoughts. They have nothing to do with the other. They are completely irrelevant.

A rational question would probably be to genuinely ask “Is it possible that actual meditation takes place”? We found before that meditation has nothing to do with thought, once thought is, meditation is not. So yes, meditation is possible to happen only if thought ceases. All thought “must” cease for meditation to happen.  This “must” has nothing to do with an intellectual effort. This must happen effortlessly, naturally, without the slightest sense of effort/trying/desire/hope/fear. All these are again thought so if any of these does exist then its again impossible that meditation takes place. Then one would make the same mistake and ask “how will i will make all these stop” and once again he’s trapped in the network of thought.

It seems that meditation just happens. Meditation may happen to a businessman or a spiritual person, it may happen to anybody, but if only all these intellectual approaches cease effortlessly. Is it possible? Yes, it definitely is. Once one directly (not intellectually) sees the vanity of his desire to meditate, one sees that his desire to meditate makes meditation inevitable one willingly, naturally loses his interest on such desire. Once one sees exercising in order to induce meditation hinder actual meditation, one is not interested anymore in exercising. So its the very seeing, the direct observation of the vanity of all such intellectual movements that make them cease effortlessly. And then meditation is and this is not a matter of choice or effort.

People are heavily conditioned, people are addicted to intellectual effort, technique, method, practice. So there is huge resistance to the statement “you need no effort at all for meditation to take place”.  People accept all such techniques as the only path to meditation. We showed above that there is no path to meditation. Also people call on direct experiencing.. many people claim that after following a technique for some time they experience this timeless.. thing that is meditation. But truht is they are not very attentive. They don’t see that this experiencing of meditation is either an illusion (created by thought) or that actual meditation did happened the very moment they consciously or unconsciously abanonded effortlessly all exercises/techniques. And then comes the mind, the Ego to do the only thing its capable of, to turn the unknown to known, to translate the whole experience with an abstraction like “You need to follow a habitual daily practice that will prepare the ground for meditation”.



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. Meditation keeps happening all the time, without our knowledge. We do effort to understand what it is like to have knowledge of meditation. Very few people are able to attain an intensity in meditation, When they release their effort they find it is always there. For others who cannot attain intensity they should just practice and also understand in intellect and feelings that it is their basic nature. It will create an amalgamation of practice and nature.
    There is no need to be radical ”only practice” ”only effortless nature” all that. Be in the middle.

  2. Meditation is the path to natural state of being.
    Once such path is well known, it becomes easier , and so it takes less effort.
    To exercise like a robot with heavy discipline is not even of none meditation, it s a complete waste of time.

    • a path by intellectual understanding lead to nowhere, ….so i believe that the te are a few who find the path by meditation.
      But most of people maybe believe that they meditate, whitout knowing that they don t meditate truely

    • Arun Malik its not necessary that you sit biologically, physically in order to be silent..we examine if meditation is not something that happens when specific conditions are fulfilled.

      you may sit physically in silence, alone, etc but the very moment there will be no desire, no goal,no practicing, no focusing in breath or an object, that very moment meditation is. Its not a result of physically sitting in silence.. its a result of abandoning all effort. This may happen under every other condition..

    • Arun Malik probably i am not using the right words.. huge amounts of energy are necessary for all this to happen (in that sense its not effortless), this extraordinary alertness, attention requires tones of energy..

      but its not the intellect, Time, experience, memory which will make it possible to be attentive and alert. Its the ending of all these.

  3. coming back to Jorge Kapa,
    “you need no effort at all for meditation to take place”

    What is meditation?
    Is it:
    – a state of being?
    – Emotional sanity?
    – my natural self?

    for a few this state is natural,
    for a few over-thinkers this state emerges when they get to silence,

    how you do it, is up to you. Why?
    Because i may have an ability to shut up and observe in any situation, or i may need to find some time, to sit and relax, find out why i bash myself up so often?

    • there is no objective approach to meditation like my approach or your approach.

      i don’t know what meditation is, i can only grasp what meditation is not.

  4. To each to his own, but silence within is important. Not an image that I can see,
    We all can see,
    Silence adds a dimension to seeing.
    Its called love,
    peace and joy is born in innocence, not in self knowledge,
    Self knowledge has to be abandoned completely, including how to or how not to meditate. But simply be the silence.
    Not easy to observe such subtle movements of the mind when one is busy or occupied with important rational movements in the brain…

    Emotional intelligence stays awake only when it has woken up from sleep during silence, not otherwise.

    mine goes to sleep often, i wake up only in silence. than it stays awake, it falls asleep again after a long day , i wake it again…like walking everyday keeps me fit. Silence is the same.
    it is effortless yet spends energy positively, in a healthy way.

  5. Namasté
    Perhaps we must understand that “people” are you both, me and everyone on the planet. We share a collective conscience(ness) and the conditioning is part of this from the very first breath of physical born life. There is no teacher or student if you are awake but there is if that is what you are conditioned to know and have yet to jump on the path of enlightenment in physical being. First be grateful you have questions about any subject as that shows us we are enlightened all ready so you can stop asking how do I become enlightened. Second if you choose any subject and here we choose meditation, lose yourself to it. Stripe away any known thought or label about it and then you are it. Sitting, standing, walking or even talking in meditation is when you stop using mind and let feelings or vibrations flow out and in (like a breath) without the thought of it. We don’t have to think about our next breath, it comes. Let the mind grab that, your ego will fight of course but tell it no, shut up please, relax , breath, quiet, stillness, listen to your heartbeat, let go, meditate.
    Namasté ☯☮

    • Nobody implied we are different from other people. Also we don’t ask here “how we become enlightened”.

      There is no teacher and no student, no master and follower, there is only observation.

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