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Is there a problem outside the field of thought?

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Unexpected things happened a few hours ago.. It was 1.00 am and I was having a chat on FB.. a fellow called Kyriakos posted a text describing how important is the influence of parents to children. We’ve shared many comments and suddenly something strange happened.

Kyriakos: Maths put mind in order and make you realize that simple rational thought is the only solution for a problem.

George: I’m confused because.. ..I do see simple rational thought is the only way to solve a problem but the question is if there is no thought at all are there any problems at all? And if there are no problems we don’t even need thought, rational or neurotic.

Kyriakos: Thought can be the source of problems if not under control.. thought is just a tool, nothing more, just a machine..

George: So we meet at some point (though I don’t accept the word “control”).. when thought becomes neurotic it creates problems.. the real question is “is there any other reason for psychological problems”? I think no.

.. so simply it became quite obvious that thought is not necessary at all because problems simply don’t exist. To make myself more clear I am speaking of psychological problems.. confusion happens when you can’t say whether a problem is physical or psychological! When a problem of the physical world (let’s call it like that for the moment) appears, rational thought is the tool that will solve it. For example if I am planning to visit Arctic circle there is the actual issue of acute cold and rational thought will give a solution by deciding to wear proper clothing. But the case is not the same with the situation of, let’s say, being criticized by a friend. This situation has to do with the fact that my ego is hurt by the one who criticizes. The thing is that thought can’t realize its limits and believes it is capable of working and solving such situations.. then it inevitably becomes neurotic and the psychological problems appear. If thought ceases problems are not!

But the word is not the thing.. what I describe here is not the described.. now, a few hours later, the feeling of that moment doesn’t exist.. the described is the feeling of that moment, that can’t be put in words.



Jorge Kapa

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