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Is there Psychological Right or Wrong at all?

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Today it was a music jamming day.. this is something we are experimenting on during the last 8 months with unexpected, surprising effects. But I will speak about that in another post. What happened today? We started playing but nothing was working fine.. I was feeling our bassist, Mimis was continuously getting out of the tempo. To keep the right tempo I was hitting my right foot down, at the same moment Ageliki, our percussionist, was trying to follow Mimis, Pantelis, the second guitarist didn’t bother with the whole situation and after a few minutes the whole magic disappeared.

This brought about anxiety, stress and irritation to all of us, actually all of us were blaming each other either silently or by means of words.. after the jamming was over we went back to the city (these sessions take place in an isolated place) and we were all chatting trying, each one, to prove that the right was on his/her side..


..and then choiceless awareness just took place. It wasn’t invited, it wasn’t a movement of will, it had no motive! Just saw without criticism 4 people fighting to support their opinion, to prove they were right, felt the triviality of the whole situation and then a wave of beauty and happiness, an energy that can’t be described with words, filled my inner body. And this didn’t stop there.. this energy seemed to fill the air, I turned my eyes to the sky above the coast of Cesme, Turkey and the clouds were Beauty. Somehow there was a continuity of the inner and outer. Thought was still for a few moments. And obviously the need to prove anything disappeared and never appeared again. But this energy was evaporated 10 minutes later.

So a simple question arises: Is there “psychological right” at all?



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. This is exactly as it also happens to me last 2 years occasionally, a sudden and unexpected feeling of the triviality of the whole situation.. and this unpredictability confirms this is not a result of an action of will projected by thought, but an insight in the absence of the ego as an observer

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