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..like living with the snake in the room

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This phrase appeared yesterday when reading a text regarding inner and outer observation.. to observe like if living with the snake in the room.

How intense would observing be if it was like you are facing the danger of a venomous snake lying next to you? The art of observing (or call it awareness, attention) seems so complicated to be perceived. For a few moments pure observation just takes place -not observation of the thought- while during the rest of time there is such a confused idea of what observation is, it’s hard to communicate exactly what it is.

I think this phrase gives the best possible description of the quality of observation that penetrates the mind and reveals “what is”. This phrase doesn’t imply evaluation, analysis, identification, proof, causality, it’s doesn’t imply anything coming from the world of thought. It’s just about being absolutely sensitive, with all your senses vibrant, alive in order to explore, to discover what is. And what is will probably seem to be scary, dangerous, but exactly like the snake, once you observe it, it will reveal it’s extraordinary beauty.

Sounds like such awareness requires immense amounts of energy and this is true, but I question that living as we’ve known it requires less energy.. we are used to such kind of living, which makes it difficult to distinguish the amount of energy that is lost  in trying to achieve goals and ideals,  to revolt, to protest, to kill others, to compete, to fulfill our desires, “to be well-adjusted in a profoundly sick society”. It’s so exhausting to live the way we live and we even don’t realize that. Sounds much more practical to just observe what is.

And while everybody, from the most conservative to the most radical, realize that this world won’t change unless there is awareness of what is, we say “oh come on, it’s too hard to investigate what is going on inside, I’d rather watch a series on TV”. And this is not an attitude that needs to be criticized, it is just what is.



Jorge Kapa

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