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A few Interesting Quotes on Meditation

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Yesterday appeared two interesting quotes regarding meditation which i felt like sharing with you. You’ve probably noticed i don’t refer to the “owner” of every quote. This is because i feel knowing the author of a quote somehow affects the way you read it.. once the author of the quote is someone you accept as wise, enlightened etc, your approach could be different comparing to your approach on a quote from a controversial author. Anyway, here we are:

Maybe you’ve learnt that in order to meditate you need to follow a specific meditation method, that you need to make it as a practice to make your mind silent, that you need to achieve silence in order to be enlightened. This is what is called meditation, but this kind of meditation is sheer nonsense, because when there is a practice there is also an entity that practices which gradually becomes more mechanical, so limited, insensible, stupid. Why should you practice at all? Why should you allow someone to stand between you and your exploration? Why should a priest or a teacher or a book, should stand between you and what you want to discover? Because there is fear? Because you need someone to encourage you? Because you need someone to support you, when you don’t feel safe enough? And when you feel unsafe and depend on another for a bit of safety, maybe you should be absolutely sure you’ve chosen someone who is not feeling certain, exactly like you. So the one to whom you count on maybe claims he is feeling quite certain. One says: “I know, I’ve reached, i am the path, follow me”. Be very careful with the man who says he knows!


Meditation turns to a habit, as it is a habit to believe in God or something else. They sit for ten minutes a day in a quiet room and ‘meditate,’ concentrate. During those ten minutes they try to control the mind; the mind wants to go back and forth and they battle with it. They play that game everlastingly, and that is what they call meditation.

If one does not know anything about meditation, then one has to find out what it is actually, not according to anybody, and that may lead one to nothing or it may lead one to everything. One must inquire, ask that question, without any expectation.

I think these phrases describe accurately (though the word is never the thing, so DON”T stay with the intellectual interpretation of what is stated here) how people perceive meditation and authorities.




Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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