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Choiceless observation: A night walk

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Is it possible that someone feels without choice? To feel thoughts and emotions without control, without interfering, without approval or disapproval? To observe without choosing to focus on the unexpected or the beautiful, without trying to avoid the ugly? To listen at the sounds, the words, without judgement,without agreement or disagreement, without putting effort in understanding? Continue reading →

A dialogue on self observation

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The previous diary was exploring the possibility of observing the movement of the Ego (self observation) from its very begininning, before words/thoughts and emotions appear which seems to end the whole movement immediately. Cristina contacted me in order to find if this was something I had experienced or if it was just a theoritical idea. She was searching for a method, a way, a “how to” achieve something like that. I pointed out that searching for a “how” makes it inevitable to happen. This is a part of the dialogue: Continue reading →

The Story of the Blacknailed Hand

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A new blacknailed hand was born and there was joy. The hand had no worries. It was playing all the time, laughing, running up and down, enjoying its time with its friends. Someday it noticed two other hands were looking weirdly at its black nail. The hand was surprised but it decided to pay no extra attention and it continued playing carelessly. A few years later it came that night of the huge protest of the non blacknailed hands against the inferior blacknailed hands. This made our blacknailed hand worry more. A feeling of guilt was planted in its heart. Our formerly happy hand was now in confusion, anxious, in a constant struggle to hide its black nail. Even its parents weren’t approving of his black nail, while newspapers were publishing dozens of articles that were justifying scientifically the inferiority and abnormality of black nailed hands. Continue reading →

The source loves to play

1 child
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I enjoy to speak with many guys and girls. One of them is my dear Chan Chan (aka double C). Chan Chan wrote the other day something that had a direct impact inside:

“A child covers his face with his hands, and says “I’m hiding, come and find me”, even though the other who is to find him, is there, in the same room. To the child, when it no longer sees anything, nothing else exists. It can not see the body, and perhaps at a young age can not fully imagine it either. When he closes his eyes, the world disappears and so does he. Continue reading →

Dialogue: How does Awareness awake?

20 awakening
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After discussing with dozens the matter of being constantly in a hurry, being constantly in a state of mind chattering a new, really interesting (i think) dialogue happened regarding the emerging of awareness.. so we delved along with Greg on how awareness takes place.. Continue reading →

The art of discussion

162 discussion
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Are we aware of the inner battle that takes place during a discussion, especially when the opinions of the debaters are different? Are we aware of the really painful emotion that something is in danger when we discuss with someone who doesn’t agree with our point of view? Are we aware of the emotion of satisfaction and safety we feel once there is absolute agreement? It seems these two reactions are the opposite sides of the same coin. Two people are sitting together discussing about a problem of life.. Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation Vol. Is it possible to see the tree without the word?

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For a very long time the writer was looking at a tree, a thought or food and mechanically a relative word was appearing in his mind like “oak tree”, “fear” or “meatballs”, without being conscious of this process of automatically creating the word.. then for some reason a conscious realization of this process took place.. Then came a question whether its possible to see the tree without the word.. then it was discovered that this is also possible..

.. yesterday night there was a “flash”/insight that probably all this happens because of intense alertness of (the non mechanical part of) the mind. Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation Vol. Starting from the unimportants we may tackle the importants

9 unimportants
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The occasion for this diary was a previous diary regarding my first contact with the field of non verbal along with a conversation with my beloved friend Antonis about observation.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation.. I just woke up.. i comfortably sit in my couch and drink a hot cup of coffee.. then the first conscious thought of the day appears.. “how beautiful it would be if i were in Berlin, instead of my home at Chios”. If this thought isn’t observed the very moment of its appearance, then it may lead to new thoughts  like “So is it possible to go to Berlin pretty soon?” and then “Oh my God its so expensive to go there by plane” Continue reading →

How words put an end to awareness

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I shared a previous inquiring with dozens of people online and i received a few really interesting and beautiful perspectives which i would like to share with you because i think there is truth on them.. and if you actually see the truth of them, then its the essense of beauty and joy… my inquiry was:

Is it possible for awareness to dissolve emotions/thoughts before they even appear

Would like to talk about the possibility  that de-identification with thoughts takes place in a word-less stage.. in such case there is so much alertness and there is awareness of the emotion or thought, of anger, or fear, of jealousy or aggression, of cunningness or insecurity, as the emotion is rising from the depth.. like you see it coming. So there is a feeling/awareness of anger before of the creation of the word “anger” (when the word is still absent). Then the emotion of anger is disappearing.. or to be more accurate it isn even appearing at all.

The two comments i would like to share here are the following: Continue reading →