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To be attentive of your inattention is attention

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As we enter a room we are aware of what comprises this room. We see the windows, the curtains, the colors of the walls, we feel the smell of the room, we listen to the sounds coming from this room. Usually there is choice in such awareness. We say “This table is so rustic, I adore it”, “the tiles on the floor are so cold, this is unpleasant”, “i don’t like this vase” or “how noisy is this room”. Such awareness is partial. Its partial because there is choice.. we like things and dislike other things, we resist in the things we dislike, we try to avoid them, to eliminate them. And we admire things we like, we focus on them, we make pleasure of them. Continue reading →

Para Vani or how to be a Lucky Luke of Awareness

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A friend called Marios first referred to Para Vani, which is a stage in the process of the creation of thought where the words that describe this thought are still absent. I am not sure this is the official meaning of this word but this is what the writer wants to refer to. Then came a conversation regarding identification with two friends on FB, Lina and Little Green Man which seems to connect with this pre-word-forming observation/awareness

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Exploring what it is to be completely not identified with the doing

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Manolis Kritikos wrote

06.11 at 08:33pm

When there is negation one does not negate, one knows that one cannot do anything for negation. Everything that one does is positive action. So, one is completely not identified with the doing. Being aware of the doing, not doing anything about awareness, (awareness cannot be pursued, it is happening as there is no focusing to anything, which would be positive action, expecting the awareness as an outcome of our doing..), one is not identified with the doing. Continue reading →

How does Awareness of the Ego feels like

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Manolis Kritikos wrote:

03.04 at 1:25am

The awareness that one can taste, when the energy still is blocked by the presence of the ego wanting to observe (so that there is not the complete opening for the energy to flow), is the Awareness that one is not aware that one is aware, means that as one is present , is present as an ego, outside of the seeing. As one is aware of the seeing , the experiencing is ending, and the usual state is returning. Continue reading →

Awareness and the saving of energy

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Manolis Kritikos wrote:

October 23 at 5:23pm

Awareness is the way of the less to none effort. If one is finding difficulties on being aware one has not understood yet what is awareness. Awareness doesn’t need energy. Out of awareness energy is gathered. Energy is dissipated out of inattention. One prefers inattention rather than being attentive. Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation Vol. Dissolving Desire

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So life is like a flowing river. Things are never static, permanent. The most important feature of life is that its an everlastingly changing movement, so no chances of staticness. This is not an idea of the writer about life, this is a fact. Do we all see that? Do we see that every moment is new, unique, fresh, alive? If we see the truth of the previous statement it seems like Life is actually/essentially Unknown!

Having said that, we need to be quite careful once we read descriptions of the experiencing of actual awareness, of actual meditation*. Continue reading →

The Flowering of Thoughts and the Light of Awareness

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floweringManolis Kritikos wrote:

October 10 at 8:33pm

The not knowing is the allowing. As anything is entering in consciousness, there must be absolutely no action upon it, means the flowering is happening in passivenes. We, intentionally , neither we are helping anything to flower nor we are avoiding flowering. As the flowering is happening there is an entering in the heart of the thoughts . For this to happen , there must be identification with the flowering , that means that we must be completely absorbed by the incident, by the remembrances. Being absorbed there must be an unvoluntary focusing on what has the rush to come. Anything that has the rush to come, is free to come, there has to be no suppression upon anything. But as the flowering is evolving, the moment there is awareness of it, there is a light on it. Continue reading →

The mystery of sleep – Touching the untouchable

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A video is the main subject of this diary.. i’ve seen this video in Manolis Kritikos timeline, on Facebook and though there are neither English nor Greek subs (only italian) i was able to watch it. It’s an extract from a discussion of the 76-year-old Jiddu Krishnamurti (aka K) with a small group of people in Malibu California on 29.09.1970. The beauty of  this 25-minute extract has not only to do with the topic of the discussion but also with the marvellous passion, care, compassion and love K is showing. Such a passion to delve along with the rest of the debaters into the mystery of sleep. K has investigated almost all aspects of human life, he has courageously examined, along with long time open minded friends like Dr. D. Bohm the deeper layers of human consciousness, but according to Manolis something very important is shared here which is not recorded in any of K’s Books: touching the untouchable

The discussion starts with a question about sleep: what is sleep, apart from the physical part of the body relaxation. Continue reading →

The importance of watching in peace

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Manolis Kritikos writes:

September 27 at 12:56am

What am I doing each moment? I must know , and there is no other way than watching. The watching is not made by a center, the me, but the me, feeling totally safe and by not moving, there is awareness, observation, not directed by the desire to have a result. So , whatever is happening, is happening in deep peace, and there is given to nothing special value to be focused selectively on it. Though the thinking is keeping on , moved by deeper layers, intentions, the clarity ,intelligence of the mind, is timeless, it is happening, it is our presence.

Being conscious , we are also intelligent. One is not conscious when one is aiming to have a result. Then , there is agony, impatience, contradiction with what is happening. Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation vol. Thought is not the Enemy

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A 20′ savasana meditative event after my experimental exercises allowed a rather blurry insight regarding the beauty of perception of thoughts to raise. Then it came Manolis’s post in the quality of complete neutrality of actual awareness (find it here) and another one from Kyle Cease to make the whole picture much more clear. Seems it’s about time to reconceile with thought  and destroy a part of my conditioning which says thought is an enemy, a problem to be solved. Thought is not evil or good, thought is not a monstruous enemy, thought is just thought. And when it takes place, its a part of What Is.

So this insight showed there is enormous sense of beauty when just passively watching a thought appearing, evolving and going by, in a sense of complete freedom. The beauty of perception is the same when you perceive a tree, stars or a thought.

Let’s say there is a thought. Continue reading →