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The art of Seeing vol. Complete neutrality

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The seeing is completely neutral, completely non involved to the happenings. If one is , so, totally non identified with what is observed, the observed is not touching heart, one is totally unaffected, psychologically, by any problem. In practical level we are doing what we can do to resolve any problem, but psychologically we must feel the importance of not depending psychologically on the solution or not of any problem. We are in a state of expecting nothing to happen. Then there is a seeing of the totality of life, not depending on anything. The seeing is the ocean and psychological problems are the rivers that cannot influence the purity and the integrity of the ocean. The ocean is not concentrated to each river . Continue reading →

The art of Breathing and the Not Doing

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12.09 at 1:44pm

As you are thinking constantly, leave the thinking be evolved without consciously touching it, the thinking be in a semi conscious level, and extend the breathing out, two seconds more than breathing in, keeping your teeth slightly united. The breathing is made through the nose. You are giving absolutely no care to thoughts, there is no need be among them , trying to distinguish, to end thinking. You are passive, neutral towards thinking. The only care is the extending breathing and also for this there is needed no focusing, attempt. Mostly the breathing to be made mechanically, not to move it intentionally, give the direction , express the intention, and rest…..This can made also while you are moving, working mechanically, watching, when total attention is not needed.The breathing in , is made passively, without interference. Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation Vol. The art of Negative Approach

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There is knowledge like “focus on an object for 5′ every day, in order to achieve meditation”. And there is another kind of knowledge which says “no conscious, active effort will ever connect you with what is”. First is accumulative, active knowledge, while the second is negative, passive, a negative approach which doesn’t show you what to do but makes clear what you shouldn’t do.

I desire pure meditation. Being in a state of desire, i try to apply this first kind of knowledge. Once i realize that i put myself in such an effort, it comes this second, negative knowledge and says “stop, what you are doing here is nonsensical, pointless”. And then i stay still, passive, effortless. Continue reading →

What happens when the self knows there is awareness?

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Manolis Kritikos writes:

September 5, 2015 at 4:07am

When the self is not absorbed by the energy of attention, which is actually awareness, then the awareness is of the self, when the self is present. The self , being present , is always doing something, wanting something to happen, waiting , looking to see, observing to see… So, the self, for not being mechanical, is searching activities , objects, to give the self some sense of living, some mobility. Continue reading →

The light of awareness is not of the observer

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September 1 at 8:25pm

The difference between awareness and be aware that you are aware, is , like the difference between cheese and chalk. Be aware means that someone is observing awareness. Awareness is the knowing, not me, by observing, I am aware. So, there is no needed any effort. There is effortless awareness, perception, by not doing anything. The trying to be aware, to observe awareness, is the noise. Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation Vol. To connect with the Whole, To de-identify with Thoughts

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Yesterday night, after my DJ Set (i finished on 3.00am), i walked back home.. the road to home is a small, quiet, rather dark road with gardens/trees/fields along each side. It was windy and trees were dancing violently while the sound of the wind was almost hiding each other sound.. every now and then a few dogs were barking, a few crickets were creating their chirping sound.. and above me there was a full moon which was hiding many stars with its light, though i could still distinguish many of them. It took almost 40 minutes to cover this distance of 1000m to home, while i was stopping again and again to enjoy this enormous yet innocent beauty . Peace filled the inner, a sense of the whole body, all muscles being relaxed was evident and all anxieties as well as expectations dissappeared. Everything was in its right place!

Then came an insight.. Continue reading →

On knowledge and Insights

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Notice from the first writer of MeditativeDiaries: It’s good to welcome Manolis Kritikos in our Diaries.. his posts at facebook captivated my interest and i asked him to post some of them here. Manolis accepted and here we are. Manolis is the second writer of MeditativeDiaries

Knowledge enriches understanding and understanding enriches knowledge. Understanding is deepening silence and is happening out of silence, pure knowing. The instances of pure knowing are the insights if the right questions are being put. The right question also is out of insight. Continue reading →

A few Interesting Quotes on Meditation

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Yesterday appeared two interesting quotes regarding meditation which i felt like sharing with you. You’ve probably noticed i don’t refer to the “owner” of every quote. This is because i feel knowing the author of a quote somehow affects the way you read it.. once the author of the quote is someone you accept as wise, enlightened etc, your approach could be different comparing to your approach on a quote from a controversial author. Anyway, here we are: Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation Vol. No entity to be aware

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So first we found meditation is a passive non verbal movement, then it became clear meditation has nothing to do with methods. And then came this statement from Max:

max greene wrote:
The problem is that there is no entity able to do these things. There is no entity with awareness, there is simply awareness itself. Once there is an “I” or a “we” who wants “to be totally free,” the game is up. Freedom is in the awareness itself, and under no other condition.

Continue reading →

A Meditative Jamming

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After cooking in a meditative way I recently had the chance to experience a meditative music jamming event. It is not the first time that i realize something strange happens when playing music but this was probably the most intense experience.. There is a band called The Suburbs! We’ve been playing music together for the last 3 years and we’ve abandoned the plan of covering songs since the last 8 months, after being quite confident playing music without a plan (which is actually the case in covering songs), would be something totally different. Continue reading →