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Decrypting Meditation vol. Who needs a method at all

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After publishing my previous post on my insight on the passive nature of Meditation  I spent many hours talking with other people about meditation.. the interaction with people in many groups, forums etc made it quite clear that the modern idea of meditation has nothing to do with what I was thinking of this term.

And i think that the etymology of the word has nothing to do with what i was feeling meditation is. Searching online showed that the term meditation is much closer to what is the common belief about this word comparing my own view.. so a few explanations related to meditation are: Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation vol.Passive Awareness

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While these diaries are written there is a also an intense movement of investigating inside and outside. I’ve joined several groups, forums, i am sharing views while i also look inside myself, expirement with myself etc. I don’t know how this happened, there is no knowledge of that, not specific steps or tips, but all this movement somehow led to what i am experiencing for the last 6 days. Which probably brings me a bit closer to perceive what meditation is (though there is no intention). I would like to share that…

A FB friend called Manolis Kritikos was passionately writing about this thing called “passive awareness” and this passive aspect of the catchy term, “awareness” probably somehow clicked inside. Continue reading → living with the snake in the room

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This phrase appeared yesterday when reading a text regarding inner and outer observation.. to observe like if living with the snake in the room.

How intense would observing be if it was like you are facing the danger of a venomous snake lying next to you? The art of observing (or call it awareness, attention) seems so complicated to be perceived. For a few moments pure observation just takes place -not observation of the thought- while during the rest of time there is such a confused idea of what observation is, it’s hard to communicate exactly what it is. Continue reading →

Meditative Cooking

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First things first, i don’t know almost anything about cooking! And this article is obviously not about cooking, it’s about the possibility to do almost everything freely and feel unexpected joy with every single action. Which has nothing to do with the satisfaction one feels when one succeeds something.


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