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Meditative Cooking

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First things first, i don’t know almost anything about cooking! And this article is obviously not about cooking, it’s about the possibility to do almost everything freely and feel unexpected joy with every single action. Which has nothing to do with the satisfaction one feels when one succeeds something.


So it was again high noon, we came home and we were hungry.. it’s summer, it’s hot and one of the few ingredients we had was trachanas (a greek pasta made of wheat).. trachanas is mostly used in soups but summer doesn’t fit with soups! No problem at all.. I decided to improvise.

So i frizzled chunked sausages in a pan, added some garlic cream and olive oil, then a cup of trachana… the frizzling step is my favorite part of cooking, such beautiful scents arise.. I won’t describe the whole recipee (there is not recipee at all, I was just improvising) but the  whole experience was like playing with ingredients, tasting, adding spices, salt so as to reach a result that was tasty.. i played with sweet paprika, pepper, salt, thyme, cumin, sugar, white wine and tomato juice.. so much fun to add all these things according your.. instinct! Launch was ready after 12 minutes, i served two plates.. then came the idea of communicating all this experiencing, so i decided to decorate my plate of trachanotto (like risotto):  i added a spoon of yoghurt to make it less spicy as well as a stick of curry, while decorating my plate with sweet paprika. Then the idea of communicating this experience came to mind.. so i took the photo i attached above. To my humble opinion the trachanotto was very tasty (my partner agreed) and I couldn’t stop before i ate 2 plates.

The point has nothing to do with cooking trachanotto.. it has to do with the joy of creativity, the joy of living now, not in the past.. the same exact feeling comes when improvising with my guitar, when playing soccer or tennis without motive, when having my improvising body exercises, when performing my dj sets without plan, when speaking without thinking but observing what is taking place now.. can joy visit you/me in the most unexpected moment.. when walking, when breathing, when looking at a tree..? I think it can!



Jorge Kapa

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