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A Meditative Jamming

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After cooking in a meditative way I recently had the chance to experience a meditative music jamming event. It is not the first time that i realize something strange happens when playing music but this was probably the most intense experience.. There is a band called The Suburbs! We’ve been playing music together for the last 3 years and we’ve abandoned the plan of covering songs since the last 8 months, after being quite confident playing music without a plan (which is actually the case in covering songs), would be something totally different.

The rest of the band were suspicious, they didn’t believe we could do it, but i convinced them to give it a try and i think now none of them is interested in going back. So after dozens of secret indoor or outdoor jams, it was the first time we communicated it and there was a vast audience.

And the first notes came, and there was something I would call “tuning”. 5 people are playing without a plan, based on very simple patterns created now and these patterns are followed by other patterns once we feel like that. Thought is used only as a tool utilized by intelligence (for example i feel like playing a D note, and thought is involved to carry out this task), time is absent, ambition and hope doesn’t exist, there is not a motive, no anxiety, no stress, not a goal to achieve.

And then we invited other musicians that were watching and we played with them like we were playing together for years.. Joy was there but there was no thought to make pleasure of it. And joy lead to ecstasis, i gave my guitar to a fellow that was playing guitar, i took the bongos and then i saw a percussionist in the audience and i gave it to him, and i took too sticks and I was creating my own rythm patterns that were combined with the sounds of the tambourine, the congas, the congos and the guiro. Three guitars and a guitar bass were also there. And then inevitably happened a crazy dance. 9 musicians (there was not such thing as a band anymore) became one, time ended, we were in a timeless dimension, there was a sense of absolute freedom.

Again it was only moments!

PS: I attach a video from our previous performance (unfortunately – or fortunately- there are no vids from this last event):



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