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Nothing was divided and there is nothing to unite

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A beautiful insight happened a few minutes earlier. First came an interview of a Greek Astrophysicist, Manos Danezis regarding the limits of human biology in connection with the unity of the universe (many thanks to Dimitris Giannakaronis). Then came a mail from Jos, a subscriber to MeditativeDiaries and friend. This happy coincidence triggered a so intense flash.. just copying/pasting our email conversation:

Jos Buysen
Jul 31 (1 day ago)

to me
hai dear George,
it’s ok. now with FeedBurner….got a mail for comfirmation…super!……..
i am so happy to know you….can’t say it in words , it’s a feeling in my heart…….our contact has made a crack in the wall around me ,now i see that we are all one , that there is Wholeness of Life…every living organism is matter,energy etc…. is a part of the Universe…..everything is THIS …………………
thanks friend…
with love and joy

ps: last week i read this from Sri Nisargadatta ….nothing was divided and there is nothing to unite

Meditative Diaries <>
8:17 PM (39 minutes ago)

to jos
Hello Jos

What you say here is thrilling.. you imply that there is a constant feeling, a constant seeing that we are all One? Not just flashes? You have constant perception of this? This would be pure eternal joy, love, freedom.

With Love and Joy

PS: Publishing this Sri Nisargadatta saying to my blog (what is Sri Nisargadatta?)

Meditative Diaries <>
8:40 PM (16 minutes ago)

to jos
PS 2: A Greek Scientist, Manos Danezis makes it clear in a level of scientific knowledge that we are One. Probably i will take some time to translate it to you, it’s quite amazing that nothing comes in opposition with this unity, even scientific knowledge seems to be in accordance.. all are one..

Danezis communicates exactly what this Sri Nisargadatta quote implies: “the first we need to perceive is not the limitation/division but the unity” – nothing is divided so there is nothing to unite.

The summary of what he describes is that due to the fact that our senses are limited we are not able to see quite small objects so we are not able to see that the space between us is filled with several particles, and all this is an incredibly thick unity, and not such things as our bodies divided. Besides our vision is limited in seeing radiations of specific wave lengths.. if we could see radiations of all wavelengths we wouldn’t be able to see anything, all we could see would be a blinding light.  Finally we are not able to distinguish two objects that are very close to each other. If we were able to see them, we wouldn’t see our bodies etc, but only cells, molecules, atoms, elementary particles, which are not actually matter, they are energy.. so all we could see is there is a universal energy, that we are universal energy! We wouldn’t be able to see how our body is different from the table, all we would see would be an ocean of swirling energy… what a beauty in these words..

And i don’t imply here that i need a scientific explanation to see that all are one.. this would work only superficially. On the contrary I want to say this universal unity knows no exceptions, no specific conditions, no specific circumstances (something that is not conditioned, something that is no dependent on anything is absolute) there is unity, that’s all. And scientific proof is another description of this fact so it is not the actual fact. But if we really grasp what lies behind these words, if we see that the word is not the thing, then all this beauty attacks, fills our deeper points and there is joy. Unbelieveable, Jos, this is another flash and it takes place right now.. it’s the first time i record something like that the moment it happens.

Such Joy



Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. what i was trying to communicate here was to this continuation, unity of scientific explanation and the feeling that all is one.. but the scientific explanation is nothing but a description of the fact that all is one.. and the description is not the described. We need to stop being too verbal, we need to feel the truth, not to explain it.

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