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On knowledge and Insights

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Notice from the first writer¬†of MeditativeDiaries: It’s good to welcome Manolis Kritikos in our Diaries.. his posts at facebook captivated my interest and i asked him to post some of them here. Manolis accepted and here we are. Manolis is the second writer of MeditativeDiaries

Knowledge enriches understanding and understanding enriches knowledge. Understanding is deepening silence and is happening out of silence, pure knowing. The instances of pure knowing are the insights if the right questions are being put. The right question also is out of insight.

The insight of another is knowledge for us. Keeping on the knowledge on mind , deeply involved and yet not waiting for an answer, the question is answered , and the answer is going deeply into silence, peace, freedom. ….

..and the conversation that followed this post:

  • George Kakaris You say pure knowing is insight.. so you don’t carry it.. insight takes place and that’s all.. so insight/pure knowing for me is NOT knowledge for me. And you say that once i actually listen to your insight, i receive knowledge which can bring a new insight to me?
  • Manolis Kritikos Knowledge is pointing. If there is communication , you are knowing that there is an understanding , insight, that you are missing. Then it’s easy to feel the truth of it , soon or later. Most important is the communication, knowing that the other is saying the truth. All the answers are releasing some energy and you are getting closer to complete freedom.
  • George Kakaris And how do we know the other is saying the truth? i would say it’s a matter totally non intellectual. Would you agree?
  • Manolis KritikosAfter reading three chapters of jk, i knew he had the understanding. So , what I didn’t understand it was kept on my mind. For some questions I had the understanding much later.
    • George Kakaris Quite agree! Got it. Similar things happened also to me.. surprisingly every now and then are coming new insights, understandings i would never expect.. you say that knowledge is a seed and and watering it with some moments of no resistance/passiveness makes insights blossom?
  • Manolis Kritikos This is the difficulty. It’s a matter total to the intellectual, logic. The intellectual understanding is showing, is the knowledge. The intellectual understanding is opening heart .You are feeling, by logic, that what one is saying , is the truth. …If one is saying , you Don’t have to do something , the attempts to be are keeping you away from the pure being , as you are making attempts , you are knowing that they are vane , so you are not identified with them , expecting something out of them. So , deeply inside you , you are out of time, the expecting, and you are no more focused to the attempts , so there are just thoughts, no attempts.
  • Manolis Kritikos Of course as you are understanding all knowledge is negative…Negative approach. The watching , if you are out of time, means you are not in a state of waiting, is negative approach , that is opening the door to the pure watching , with absolutely no rush.
  • Manolis Kritikos Everything you are doing, if it is monotonous and without rush, is opening the way to the energy , from the depth , to come to the surface. This is a knowledge, find the answer. You are always saying, how I could support this saying? And not how to reject it. If you are believing that there is a truth in it, you will find the answer that is not only intellectual but more space to breathe , to exist.
  • George Kakaris Great, i think i get the whole point. There is knowledge (in the sense of negative approach – totally agree) for which the intellect believes its accurate.. the seed is planted and somehow acts.. energy from the depth (awareness??) comes in unexpected moments and this is actually an insight.Are we saying the same?
  • Manolis Kritikos At some point , as you are realising that you are thinking , you are able to stop thinking , by not doing anything , you are leaving, not touching the thinking or the thinking is cut, completely out of it….
  • Manolis Kritikos Next moment another series of thought is evolving and wipes you. The moment you are realising that you are participating, cut it, don’t touch it.
  • Manolis Kritikos Now , by this, one is entering in a blessing state though thoughts still have the rush to come….



Manolis Kritikos


  1. for the record friends…you talk here about “psychological” knowledge and not functional knowledge…..in a few words…is it correct when i say…through negate the incoming thoughts ( the content of the “me”) , you understand then what is not and find “what is” …………………………………

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