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Are Opinions really necessary?

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The other day i read this:

To see facts without opinion is one thing, but to have opinions about facts is totally another. It is one thing just to see the fact that a whole people are caught in superstition, but quite another to see that fact and condemn it. Opinions are not important, because I will have one opinion, you will have another, and a third person will have still another. To be concerned with opinions is a stupid form of thinking. What is important is to see facts as they are without opinion, without judging, without comparing.

Before this text appear, i was having several conversations regarding the importance and necessity of opinions. And the findings of these conversations were quite interesting. Surprisingly it seems that opinions are not important at all. In addition it seems that opinions are be also a destructive factor that put obstacles in the flow of life! So i think we should ask ourselves this question about opinions. Is opinion necessary or, on the contrary, it may cause chaos and conflict?

The only thing that makes sense here is to investigate together starting from zero. So we abolish every idea we have about opinions. First thing is to find what exactly is an opinion.

Isn’t opinion something of the past? Every opinion is shaped in the past, we could say it’s a conclusion formed in the past. It seems that opinion isn’t essentially different from ideas and faiths, beliefs. From this opinion we react on the present and this opinion will affect our future behavior. Having said these it seems like opinion makes it necessary to react according to specific patterns, which is actually a mechanical/stereotypical way of living.. such living can’t be free and once we are not free we can’t live, we can’t love, we can’t be compassionate. Also once i believe something and you believe something which doesn’t fit my opinion there is necessary separation. Do we see this?

So I see a racistic behavior (a fact) and once i have an opinion about racism (let’s say “racism is unacceptable”), i react from this opinion. This stereotypical reaction can’t be free (while i don’t act on my own, according to what is happening that moment but according to the opinion), so it hinders the possibility of being totally free, alive, of being able to love (how is love possible if not in total freedom?).Besides a sense that we are profoundly different is cultivated once i have an opinion and other people have other opinions that differ from mine – so if i believe racism is unacceptable and if they believe it’s necessary, we’ve divided ourselves.. me and them. Such opinions necessarily carry a sense of violence/criticism/judgement/conflict.

Now if we abolish all opinions something quite different takes place. I just see the fact (the racistic behavior) unfolding in front of me and once i actually see it with no preconceived opinions, my whole attention reveals the meaning of this fact and brings about a whole action which doesn’t breed mechanical reaction or separation. There is a profound understanding which is whole action.

Life is a river that flows, life is not stable, life is not analyzed by means of patterns, life is not predictable. Opinions look like solid obstacles that hinder the flow of life.. once opinion ceases, life flows in a sense of complete joy. So in opposition to common belief it seems that opinion is neither important nor innocent, harmless. Such finding has no meaning at all if you don’t find on your own.. you need to ask yourself this question and find on your own!

Now if this finding is registered psychologically, it seems like a new opinion is formed, summarized in the phrase “opinions are dangerous, destructive”. At this point we need to be extremely careful. We just found something, we can let it go now, no need for psychological registration of the finding at all.. if ever a similar challenge appears again we will again explore and find with no preconceived opinions.




Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish


  1. To have opinion acertains one thing….knowledge increment,besides ….as long as someone is opinionated and not judgemental,he is true self…not harmful…..I think we should agree to disagree

    • why is it necessary to agree or disagree? i would say once i have an opinion, i am necessary judgemental, i judge opinions that are different with mine.. even if that happens in the most discreet, sophisticated way.

    • But then, you are not accepting the views of others….you never know if you are correct,if you are theocratic or dogmatic ….then you are blocking new ideas to enter your world….having own opinion is one thing and being judgmental is altogether different…isn’t it?

    • i accept the insights of everybody, this is something fresh, something alive, something new, there is no reason to block them! But why should i bother with opinions? Who says whether i am correct or not? Why is it important to put a tag to yourself like theocratic or dogmatic?

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