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Once Time Approaches Zero Joy Approaches Infinite

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This insight derived from conversations i had after publishing the previous diary regarding  the question “Does the end justify the means“? Again the conversation was about the possibility of non ideas/opinions/beliefs. A calm and cool debater called Eva gave another aspect to ideas that was quite interesting. She described the possibility that ideas exist only to be examined  in order to find  whether, as statements, they are true or false.

The most dominant aspect of ideas (as most people perceive such terms) is that they are durable in time. Time is the main feature of any idea. Ideas are birth of time, of the past and they grow stronger as time goes by. Do we all see that? The time period from birth to destruction of an idea almost exclusively decides how strong this idea is.. the more the idea is active the most intense it is, the least possible it is for the carrier of this idea to examine it, investigate it. Thus, subconsciously the believer, the ideologist gradually creates a cement ideological building (consisting of several cement ideas) which decides his future behavior according to the principles, ideas he follows. Isn’t it actually resistance to the flow of life, to the sequence of unique moments, unique challenges, unique surprises that are inevitably extremely beautiful. Doesn’t it breed insensitivity? No matter what happens each unique moment the believer mechanically reacts according to his/her idea.

Now if someone is effortlessly, volunteeringly willing to put one’s ideas under investigation this building seems to break. Let’s say there is a challenge. The believer will either react blindly according to his/her belief on how to face similar challenges or he will investigate whether this belief makes sense at all. Actually the moment someone honestly questions/investigates a belief something tremendously vital takes place. It seems that time loses all its energy! This is the moment that time actually disappears and its possible to live in Now, to examine right Now if our opinion is even relevant to the challenge. And while each moment is unique with unique challenges, it would make sense to examine our ideas every single moment. Now if we superficially investigate a belief and create a new idea of it, that is gradually getting old, strong, laid down, we are again lost in time, in past, unable to sense the enormous beauty of living, which is pure joy.

So it seems that the time length of ideas decides how capable we are to actually live. And once an idea ceases, after genuine investigation, we are free to see what is, and this seeing is whole action.

Which leads me to this.. Once Time approaches zero, Joy approaches Infinite, actual, holistic living is possible and we inevitably sink in a timeless ocean of Nothing, which is Love, Freedom, Peace, Compassion.


PS: Now, how exactly can we investigate an idea? Is it a matter of analysis, of intellectual examination? Or is it a matter of intelligence?




Jorge Kapa

The speaker is never important but you may examine the message, if you wish

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