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An insight on the Opposites

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I’ve already mentioned this weird idea regarding the opposites here but i would like to further investigate. I don’t know how to start.. hm.. so let’s have a look at some opposites: love and hate, freedom and slavery, peace and violence, goodness and immorality, patience and impatience etc.. i feel that opposites appear almost in every aspect of our life.

The first thing i would like to question is whether the opposite of -let’s say- violence is actual/true peace? When one realizes that one is violent one tries hard to be non violent (to reach the ideal of non violence), to be peaceful. Is that movement independent of violence? Or it has violence in its very core, it’s born of violence? So is to be non violent/peaceful as a reaction to violence, actual peace? Or it’s the same violence that pretends to be non violent? It seems quite obvious that the opposite of violence, the reaction to violence has nothing to do with actual peace. Peace is totally not connected with violence. And the opposite of violence is actually the exact violence.

Do we see it clearly? That the opposite is born of violence so its essentially violence? So the opposite of violence will inevitably manifest the hidden violence at some point.

And what are the consequences of these opposites? Let’s say there is jealousy. There is only jealousy, actually I am jealousy, there is nothing else.. once the past/memory/experience/knowledge/stereotypes which say “jealousy is a negative feeling” is active I will immediately create the ideal of non jealousy (the opposite of jealousy) and i will try hard to reach this ideal.. but this ideal is imaginary, an invention of the Ego. So i put myself in brutal conflict, in a constant battle to reach something imaginary, which is an escape from what is which is only jealousy. This is the essence of inner division which inevitably breeds inner conflict, struggle, sorrow. And this inner conflict isn’t separate from outer conflict while actually the inner and outer is one, is whole – isn’t it quite clear that these opposites bread global chaos?

And this effort to escape from jealousy makes it inevitable to observe jealousy, to remain with it, to actually see it. Once you watch/observe/see jealousy with passive attitude, with no hope to change to something ideal, with no intention to escape, with non judgemental attitude, even better, if you see it without even using words (which is what i call passive awareness), then jealousy will reveal its nature which may bring unexpected consequences.

Does all this make sense?



Jorge Kapa

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