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30 years after a good man died – Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Some of you have heard of Jiddu Krishnamurti and he’s also mentioned here a couple of times. K was an Indian that lived from 1895 to 1986, but i think i can’t say many words about him.. he wasn’t a guru, he wasn’t a zen master, a teacher (implying the rest of us are students) or anything like that. He was actually nothing. His words affected me deeply.. the inquiry of his message gave me the opportunity to investigate my whole life, all the values, ideals, stereotypes, ethics that were ruling it and see what makes sense. Continue reading →

I ask and the StoryTeller answers

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Many of you would probably don’t know him (unless you are Greek) so I would like to introduce him.. Nikos Pilavios is among the most active persons of his time, a man that worked with passion as actor, writer, producer, director and translator. He created some of the most amazing children programs in Greek Television (he is famous for his work “The Story Teller” – Paramythas). Pilavios has also translated 23 books written by the Indian Jiddu Krishnamurti (the title of the last one was “On God”). He also wrote the book “Krishnamurti in Greece” and he is the only living Greek that personally met Krishnamurti. He is also connected with the Greek Krishnamurti Library. The StoryTeller has maintained his own blog since 2006. 

At this point I have to say a few words about Jiddu Krishnamurti while I have never mentioned him till now.. Jiddu Krishnamurti can’t be considered as a writer, philosopher, guru or something similar. He was a Man that spoke passionately for almost 60 years about truth, self knowledge, delusions, God. His first message, that shook the foundations of humans ideologies was that “Truth is a pathless land”. JK planted the seed that finally made me start MeditativeDiaries.com . I feel I will refer to him multiple times in future posts, but for now it’s enough.. Let’s have a look at this short interview with Mr. Pilavios.

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