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To Live is to Die

2 the-art-of-dying

Yesterday I described a very intense death dream! I would like to delve into something that seems to be the scariest fear of man. The fear of death.

First would we agree the fear of death is not death? The ideas of death are not the actual death. The thoughts about death are not death. Can we investigate – out of the field of thought – the fact of death? May we look at this issue without preconceived ideas, stereotypes, traditional ideas etc? Continue reading →

The Death Dream

2 dying-swan

Happened yesterday night. It was so much alive and intense. I was sitting next to a bed with a woman called Maria (Maria is the name of my mother – I don’t know if there is any connection). She was wearing a white dress and she was looking exhausted. This woman was going to die pretty soon. My bro was her lover and we were expecting him to come as soon as possible to be able to bid her farewell. He was some kind of prince, and the image of him riding his horse was appearing every now and then during the dream. Continue reading →

A Meditative Jamming

0 meditativejamming

After cooking in a meditative way I recently had the chance to experience a meditative music jamming event. It is not the first time that i realize something strange happens when playing music but this was probably the most intense experience.. There is a band called The Suburbs! We’ve been playing music together for the last 3 years and we’ve abandoned the plan of covering songs since the last 8 months, after being quite confident playing music without a plan (which is actually the case in covering songs), would be something totally different. Continue reading →

#ThisIsACoup – Which is the core of this mess?

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For those of you that don’t know me, I am Greek and as I mentioned in a previous post, i denied the whole brutal game with the Greferendum (the reasons for that can be read right here). For almost 20 days my compatriots are facing confusing, torturous, terrorizing dillemmas! They fight hard to find which is the best option for them, for the country, they try to find solutions in order to prepare for what will happen, they face fear 247. And then came the 12th of July, which is best described by this hashtag: #ThisIsACoup! Continue reading →

What is Spontaneity?

0 spontaneity

Many people interested in observing their inner world are suffering from this feeling of living a mechanical life, they feel they’ve lost the potential to be spontaneous. I think it’s quite important to examine what actually spontaneity is.. or even better.. what is not a “spontaneous action”!

Acting according to a motive, according to a thought, an ideal, a stereotype, can’t be a spontaneous action.. Continue reading →

An insight on the Opposites


I’ve already mentioned this weird idea regarding the opposites here but i would like to further investigate. I don’t know how to start.. hm.. so let’s have a look at some opposites: love and hate, freedom and slavery, peace and violence, goodness and immorality, patience and impatience etc.. i feel that opposites appear almost in every aspect of our life.

The first thing i would like to question is whether the opposite of -let’s say- violence is actual/true peace? When one realizes that one is violent one tries hard to be non violent (to reach the ideal of non violence), to be peaceful. Is that movement independent of violence? Or it has violence in its very core, it’s born of violence? So is to be non violent/peaceful as a reaction to violence, actual peace? Or it’s the same violence that pretends to be non violent? Continue reading →

What is Intelligence?


I feel i need to somehow create a code that will make it easy for me to communicate what is found in my mind. Lets be realistic. Words is all we have (especially behind our monitors) in order to communicate. And words are symbols, symbols of a thing.. but we need to be careful.. the word is not the thing, the description is never the described. We should take into consideration that words are only symbols.

Having said that, i will try to describe what i mean by using the word “intelligence”. Checking online the etymology and meaning of the word intelligence i’ve found several meanings like “intellect, mind, brain, reasoning, understanding, comprehension, insight, perceptiveness, alertness” and many others which make it clear there is not a clear symbolism connected with the word intelligence. Continue reading →

When is Thought necessary?

2 network-of-thoughts

It’s a matter i was thinking of lately and then came an interesting article found at, a translation of a Rupert Spira‘s speach. Spira is a professional potter and also a “spiritual” writer (according to wiki). In this speach Spira described the 3 types of thought that are quite necessary and definitely make sense.. i won’t copy Spira’s words, i will give my own dimension on the matter, which i think it meets Spira’s view -though i am not quite sure-:

  •  Let’s say it’s a rainy day and i have to walk in order to go somewhere.. Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation vol. Who needs a method at all

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After publishing my previous post on my insight on the passive nature of Meditation  I spent many hours talking with other people about meditation.. the interaction with people in many groups, forums etc made it quite clear that the modern idea of meditation has nothing to do with what I was thinking of this term.

And i think that the etymology of the word has nothing to do with what i was feeling meditation is. Searching online showed that the term meditation is much closer to what is the common belief about this word comparing my own view.. so a few explanations related to meditation are: Continue reading →

Decrypting Meditation vol.Passive Awareness

1 passiveawareness1

While these diaries are written there is a also an intense movement of investigating inside and outside. I’ve joined several groups, forums, i am sharing views while i also look inside myself, expirement with myself etc. I don’t know how this happened, there is no knowledge of that, not specific steps or tips, but all this movement somehow led to what i am experiencing for the last 6 days. Which probably brings me a bit closer to perceive what meditation is (though there is no intention). I would like to share that…

A FB friend called Manolis Kritikos was passionately writing about this thing called “passive awareness” and this passive aspect of the catchy term, “awareness” probably somehow clicked inside. Continue reading →