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Euro or Drachma-A manifestation of the opposites

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There is always a huge interest on my side, on this peculiar idea humans have that everything, in the psychological area, is divided in opposites.. Truth and lie, Love and hate, Freedom and slavery, Beauty and ugliness, Good and bad.. i intentionally used a capital letter for the positive form of the opposites, just to show there is a strong feeling that the positive is something really “good”, “great”, “noble”, something you should be proud of, while the negative form is such a “disappointment”, it causes always an unpleasant feeling.

I will show you these opposites are an imaginary creation, but this will be probably perceived as true only if you are deeply open. You need no stereotypes, no pre-determined opinions to investigate this question.. “are opposites actual or another imaginary invention”. So let’s leave everything out of this investigation, let’s start from zero and let’s explore this question together as two friends that are interested only in what is.

Probably some of you are aware of the disorder taking place in Greece and the referendum Greeks are going to vote for on next Sunday.. Continue reading →

I ask and the StoryTeller answers

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Many of you would probably don’t know him (unless you are Greek) so I would like to introduce him.. Nikos Pilavios is among the most active persons of his time, a man that worked with passion as actor, writer, producer, director and translator. He created some of the most amazing children programs in Greek Television (he is famous for his work “The Story Teller” – Paramythas). Pilavios has also translated 23 books written by the Indian Jiddu Krishnamurti (the title of the last one was “On God”). He also wrote the book “Krishnamurti in Greece” and he is the only living Greek that personally met Krishnamurti. He is also connected with the Greek Krishnamurti Library. The StoryTeller has maintained his own blog since 2006. 

At this point I have to say a few words about Jiddu Krishnamurti while I have never mentioned him till now.. Jiddu Krishnamurti can’t be considered as a writer, philosopher, guru or something similar. He was a Man that spoke passionately for almost 60 years about truth, self knowledge, delusions, God. His first message, that shook the foundations of humans ideologies was that “Truth is a pathless land”. JK planted the seed that finally made me start . I feel I will refer to him multiple times in future posts, but for now it’s enough.. Let’s have a look at this short interview with Mr. Pilavios.

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This phrase appeared yesterday when reading a text regarding inner and outer observation.. to observe like if living with the snake in the room.

How intense would observing be if it was like you are facing the danger of a venomous snake lying next to you? The art of observing (or call it awareness, attention) seems so complicated to be perceived. For a few moments pure observation just takes place -not observation of the thought- while during the rest of time there is such a confused idea of what observation is, it’s hard to communicate exactly what it is. Continue reading →

Does Massive Revolution/Protest make sense at all?

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Here in Greece we are facing some serious issues.. unemployment, debts, danger of economical embargo, terrorizing daily news etc. Fear, despair and anger is everywhere in the air. And protesting appears as a duty and an effective means of doing something. Since.. ever I couldn’t understand why people protest, sometimes violently, others not.. During the last years I was also questioning the meaning, the importance of revolutions, these violent movements that focus on changing the outer environment and whether they do radically change the Man during the centuries.

The night before I watched the 11th of the 12 parts of the conversation of Jiddu Krishnamurti with Dr. David Bohm that took place in 1975 at Brockwood Park (to watch it click here – it’s a 100′ video, i am not sure you are willing to watch it). And there was a phrase that made something click inside me and make it quite clear that trying to change the outer environment has no point at all if not changing the inner.. we are in chaos inside, we are confused, we are afraid, we are manipulated by ideologies, religions, nationalism, stereotypes and we feel that this inner chaos can bring order, can drastically change the outside environment to make us happy. Such a contradiction! Continue reading →

Meditative Cooking


First things first, i don’t know almost anything about cooking! And this article is obviously not about cooking, it’s about the possibility to do almost everything freely and feel unexpected joy with every single action. Which has nothing to do with the satisfaction one feels when one succeeds something.


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Is there Psychological Right or Wrong at all?

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Today it was a music jamming day.. this is something we are experimenting on during the last 8 months with unexpected, surprising effects. But I will speak about that in another post. What happened today? We started playing but nothing was working fine.. I was feeling our bassist, Mimis was continuously getting out of the tempo. To keep the right tempo I was hitting my right foot down, at the same moment Ageliki, our percussionist, was trying to follow Mimis, Pantelis, the second guitarist didn’t bother with the whole situation and after a few minutes the whole magic disappeared. Continue reading →

Is there a problem outside the field of thought?

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Unexpected things happened a few hours ago.. It was 1.00 am and I was having a chat on FB.. a fellow called Kyriakos posted a text describing how important is the influence of parents to children. We’ve shared many comments and suddenly something strange happened.

Kyriakos: Maths put mind in order and make you realize that simple rational thought is the only solution for a problem.

George: I’m confused because.. ..I do see simple rational thought is the only way to solve a problem but the question is if there is no thought at all are there any problems at all? And if there are no problems we don’t even need thought, rational or neurotic. Continue reading →

The pebbles of truth – An insight on attachment

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It was high noon and i was enjoying my swimming! I couldn’t stop smiling for feeling my body so light because of the buoyancy. Then i got out of the water and lay in my towel. Thousands of pebbles came close to my eyes. I looked at one of them and it was so beautiful, so unique, smooth, with unique, colorful patterns. Then i looked at the pebble next to it and it was again a fresh experiencing, the second pebble was so beautiful, so different. That was a common characteristic for both of them, their uniqueness was common! Continue reading →