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The Story of the Blacknailed Hand

0 blacknailed-hand

A new blacknailed hand was born and there was joy. The hand had no worries. It was playing all the time, laughing, running up and down, enjoying its time with its friends. Someday it noticed two other hands were looking weirdly at its black nail. The hand was surprised but it decided to pay no extra attention and it continued playing carelessly. A few years later it came that night of the huge protest of the non blacknailed hands against the inferior blacknailed hands. This made our blacknailed hand worry more. A feeling of guilt was planted in its heart. Our formerly happy hand was now in confusion, anxious, in a constant struggle to hide its black nail. Even its parents weren’t approving of his black nail, while newspapers were publishing dozens of articles that were justifying scientifically the inferiority and abnormality of black nailed hands. Continue reading →

The source loves to play

1 child

I enjoy to speak with many guys and girls. One of them is my dear Chan Chan (aka double C). Chan Chan wrote the other day something that had a direct impact inside:

“A child covers his face with his hands, and says “I’m hiding, come and find me”, even though the other who is to find him, is there, in the same room. To the child, when it no longer sees anything, nothing else exists. It can not see the body, and perhaps at a young age can not fully imagine it either. When he closes his eyes, the world disappears and so does he. Continue reading →

Is Psychotherapy capable to Heal?

13 psychotherapy

In the previous diary i investigated whether Time is capable of healing psychological hurt. The following discussion was quite interesting. Many people insisted that some manifestations of Time may heal. So others said people need to do intellectual work with themselves, others claimed that Analysis of the experience of the hurt may heal, others said that gradual forgotting of the hurt (by means of time) could cure and also many supported the idea that psychotherapy is the solution. We delved deeply in this last issue: Whether Psychotherapy is capable to heal! Continue reading →

Does Time really heal wounds?

28 time-heals

There is a common belief that Time is a wound healer. For many many years this was the mechanism i was using to face psychological wound.  We’ve previously found here that beliefs, opinions have very limited meaning and they have nothing to do with Truth. So let’s find if there is any truth in this statement.. is Time a wound healer? Notice that we refer to Psychological wound/hurt. Continue reading →

Is it possible that a relationship is always anew?

9 boredom

People have accepted that all relationships flower for a little period where there is excitement, pleasure, mutual interest, fun, joy, care, tenderness, sexual or not sexual passion and then boredom arises. Or they struggle in order to keep the relationship exciting, by seeking new pleasures, new habits, new experiences. So they plan a trip every now and then in order to renew a relationship, they buy a new house or a new fancy car. Continue reading →

Dialogue: How does Awareness awake?

20 awakening

After discussing with dozens the matter of being constantly in a hurry, being constantly in a state of mind chattering a new, really interesting (i think) dialogue happened regarding the emerging of awareness.. so we delved along with Greg on how awareness takes place.. Continue reading →

Why do we run?

7 running

We run.. we are in a hurry.. we run to catch the bus, or a deadline.. we run in order to be on time for a coffee rendezvous.. we eat our breakfast while we are watching a TV show, we are driving while we listen to music, we watch a cinema movie while eating popcorn and a refreshment. We avoid having a walk when its possible to get from one place to another sooner by means of public transport. Its a sunny day and we have the opportunity of enjoying a great bike ride and we decide to push ourselves in order to combine the ride with some aerobial exercise, we are doing a job task while having an important phone call in order to arrange another task.. we are cooking mechanically, trying to finish the cooking process as soon as possible! We are running.. we are trying to complete as many tasks as possible in the minimum of time. All these is not a silly idea of the writer, its a fact. See it! Continue reading →

Dialogue: The Observer is the Observed

10 the-observer-is-the-observed

Right after the previous diary where i was discussing with my friend Stavroula about the nature of fear another discussion took place, unexpectedly revealing the tricks of the Ego, which made it clear how urgent it is to see this simple thing.. that the Observer is the Observed

  • Margarita: Just read your dialogue on Fear. It somehow pinched me
  • Jorge: What do you mean?
  • Margarita: This fear.. i am very stressed about it this moment, i feel very tired because of it.. i feel i am its prey.. i don’t know, i feel very strange this moment.. i am angry with myself
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A Dialogue on Fear

2 dialogue-on-fear

There was a discussion with my friend Stavroula, that started from an inquiry on insincerity and its connection with fear and turned to be a more thorough investigation on fear. I felt like sharing it with you.

  • Stavroula: Do you say lies?
  • Jorge Kapa: Yes, because of fear.
  • Stavroula: What are you afraid of?
  • Jorge: I am afraid of leaving the known, my attachments
  • Stavroula: Bring an example

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